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The Demanding and Noisy Cat — 10 Comments

  1. Maybe some breeds of cat have it in their breeding to meow more to get what they want? I know that my Oz who is a Maine Coon meows incessantly to get what he wants yet Alfie and Honey hardly ever they just rely on Ozzie to be the mouth piece! I love to listen to Ozzie and although sometimes if I’m trying to concentrate it does drive me potty generally we have some great conversations! I say this because of his different types of language, there are so many and they differ with what I say to him!

    If I say ‘Ozzie love you!’ he will chirrup or say mmmm as if to say ‘love you too mom’ If he wants something from the fridge he will try to take us there then meow loudly.

    I love his ramblings though and wouldn’t change him for the world!

    • I am the same with my cat Charlie. He is random bred but we have identical sorts of conversations with lots of different meow sounds from him and some weird sounds from me. Charlie cam also be very insistent and he meows loudly. He’ll call me from another room sometimes just like a person.

  2. Instead of sitting there with that stupid clicker that woman should be playing with the cat. Cats meow for attention as well as for food.
    The more biscuits she gave the cat the quicker she looked for another, it looked to me as if she was starting to gulp them down only partly crunched.
    It’s far easier to ‘train’ cats by the distraction of play, throw a toy, roll a ball, spend TIME with the cat.
    Well I LOVE the sound of a cat meowing and would never ever want to break the spirit of one.

    • lol – I am the same and think the exact same as you. I also find clicker training to be creepy and wierd. Thats just me – there may be good reasons for it but I agree that a dose of play makes up for any and all of it.

      AND just like you I love the sound of my cats asking and talking to me. Infact Gigi has started becoming demanding lately for her evening biscuits and I like it that she asks me and is insisting. I like chatty cats and always listen. I like the sound and I listen and respond so it never is a problem.

    • I detest that clicker rubbish, I saw it demonstrated on dogs, who love to please their humans anyway, and that was bad enough but to use this clicking on cats is beyond humiliation for them. In the video which I admit I only watched a part of because it annoyed me so much and woke our two boys up it looked to me like it was demand and supply,and it was actually encouraging the meowing as the cat knew the biscuits were coming every time he/she asked, as Ruth said why sit there feeding the biscuits and clicking the stupid thing instead of either getting up and giving the cat attention in some other way, by healthy play or grooming or just put the biscuits in the cupboard and walk away.

      • I know you hate clicker training 😉 I respect that. I tend to agree with you. The trouble with training cats is that it is an attempt to make them do things we want them to do even if it might be better for the cat. But why does the cat do some things in the first place?

  3. Hi Michael. Perhaps that Bengal need feline company. My intact Bengal male lives happily togther with Balkar an intact Turkish Angora male and they are pretty quiet. Any meowing they make is rather melodious and pleasant. Bengie Bengal’s meowing is more like a cooing gurgling sound. The bengal in the video sounds very much like a Siamese. I was reminded what a super spotted coat those Cyprus sokak kedileri have. They would be excellent for breeding with Bengals that have lost their wild spots. They are also robust healthy cats.

    • Good thought. Clicker training can train out the meowing but does not deal with the underlying cause (if there is one) and you have a solution. Neat.

      Are you telling American breeders how to do their job 😉

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