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The Dilemma Faced by No Kill Animal Shelters — 20 Comments

  1. Referring to my last post about the shelter I volunteered in. They had a foster program to socialize kittens. They also had a room in the shelter that was operated by Forgotten Felines, for ferals. FF tried to place these cats in rurual homes as barn cats.

    The staff were all very caring people, mostly women.

    And, the shelter had a spot in the office for donated food, which residents could have in limited amounts.

    Hills and Royal Canin donated a lot of food, so that’s what the cats got, along with a bag that went with them to their new home. A great way to keep money flowing to these pet manufacturers!

    There is a vet who gives 1st free exams for any adopters. I brought my cat to her, and she was very nice, except she didn’t do a good job with my cat, and pushed the Hills/RC food on me, even though I said I didn’t want it. I ended up bringing it back. And I recently changed vets, and
    although they don’t push this food, they did give some drugs that resulted in serious side effects. Not their fault, but my little cat must be sensitive to drugs. I try home remedies first, unless I think a vet is needed.

  2. This example is Specifically calculated for Greenville County , SC. However, the basic math could be used for ANY shelter.
    PETA?? really ? you referenced an organization that kills 99% of intake ? Healthy , adoptable intake ? Alright , you wanna’ see the breakdown ? Here you go –
    Let’s say intake is 22,000. Right now , they say they take in more dogs than cats. so , for arguments’ sake let’s say 10K cats. at least 1/2 would qualify for TNR. Boom! that takes 5,000 from ever entering the shelter. We’re down to 17K. Current RTo- return to owner is 3%. The nat’l average is in the 15% range. I’ll be generous. Get that number up to 10%. Boom — 2200 out of the shelter.We’re down to 14,800 Have some REAL super charged adopt events. If they have one a month like they had over the past 2 days – Boom another 2800 animals out.Down to 12,000 Add that to what they have been adopting p/yr – 3500 (conservatively).Down to 8500. Put into place an owner retention program that offers more services- food banks, lowcost/free s/n. Keep another 10% out. Down to 6200. Rescues pull about 5,000. Boom down to 1200. 10% are gonna’ be medically hopeless/suffering/ too aggressive. Guess what ? That’s No Kill!

  3. First section deleted because it was rude….(Admin)

    In the USA alone, you can’t cram 90-150 million EXTRA cats into more homes than want the already-owned 86 million of them! It don’t work that way. The cat-per-capita ratio has already been over-saturated for decades now. And the more you try to FORCE people to want your cats around, the more that people realize that NOBODY wants your cats. Since cat-lickers have tried to force cats on everyone the desire to own cats has decreased, not increased. You are actually making even more unwanted cats, not less.

    See how that works?


    You will.

    • You’re ranting and raving again. Sit down, take a valium and restart 30 minutes later.

      The answer is not to attack the cat but to address the cause: people. Focus your considerable anger towards people, please. Cats are victims. The perpetrators are people.

      • LOL. Yes, he is permanently on the grumpy pill — aka cat hatred and madness. Elisa, I hope you don’t mind me arguing with Woodsman. I feel I have to because you need some bad stuff on PoC to make the good stuff stand out and be seen as correct. If it is all cat lovers’ comments it becomes a bit of a mutual admiration society. I don’t like that. I need the harsh reality to make the good stuff shine.

        • I stopped reading any rubbish he writes under his various aliasas but I love to read your replies to him Michael, you show him up for what he is, a totally insane cat hater!

  4. TNR won’t stop the old men I saw who would come into the shelter grinning like they’d shot the prize turkey at a turkey shoot and presenting the staff with cage after cage of trapped cats and kittens. The consider themselves doing the public a service getting rid of the stray cats in the neighborhood.

    And I don’t know what will stop the lame excuses like allergies and change in lifestyle. Not to mention personal tragedies like moving and can’t take pet or foreclosure.

    It’s a very complex problem in the states.

  5. ”is there an answer that will reduce the number of cats and dogs turned in to shelters?”

    The answer for cats would be Trap Neuter Realize (TNR). The shelters should be only for cats which are not capable survive outside – a small minority.

    I would also suggest changing this flawed ideology that every cat must be someone’s pet. No cat is actually ”homeless” or stray”or ”feral”. We don’t use these terms for other animals (homeless bird? feral horse?), nor should we use them for cats. There are some abandoned cats however these are again minority which could be made even smaller if we educate people about the responsible ownership. Most of cats are random bred and do not belong to anybody.

    Cats have lived thousand of years freely outside just like any other animal. Now we are told that we should imprison them all to homes or shelters. Is this logical?

    I can’t speak for dogs, cat and dog are two different topics and should not be thrown into one category because both of them we imagine as ”pets”.

    Kind Regards.

  6. Shelters for cats should be like hospitals for humans – for those which needs them. Weak, vulnerable, ill cats should be our priority. There are various shelters (good, bad…), but if we try to look from cat’s point of view – they all are just that – prisons. One must imagine himself being a cat in order to understand that we, humans not always know what is best for them. Anthropomorphizing the cats is another big ”sin”we commit…

  7. Dear Michael,

    I am sorry, it may be a bit off-topic.

    Probably we will be the first one who will say that welfare of cats the way it is done today is fundamentally wrong. It’s illogical and based on emotions where cat is reduced to the human infant. In Turkey, the welfare of cats is regulated by groups of women which statistically would be from middle class, often housewives and have plenty of time to devote for cats. The picture may be different in other countries. The solutions in cat welfare are based primary on emotions however……..

    From Michael – I am converting this comment to an article because it should be the catalyst for a good discussion. It will be published soon and a link here will take you to it. Thanks.

    This is the post:

    Currently the Welfare of Cats is Fundamentally Wrong

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