The Dog who Thought He Was A Cat

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

At one time we were feeding quite a few cats on the wall by our front gate.

Narla, Bonnie, Cole and Phoebe had homes nearby but were left out long hours and knew where to come for a snack. Their owners knew and didn’t mind one bit.

Cat Cafe
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Haystacks came too, but we had no idea for a long time if he belonged to anyone or where he lived.

Curtains was a nervous little cat, always starving hungry and growling at anyone going near to her. Eventually we found out she was being abused and so she moved in next door and was rechristened Etty.

It was quite a busy café on our wall.

Then one day along came a little dog and he stood and barked quietly and politely, looking hopefully at the visiting cats who were dining.

We gave him a little treat of cat food and that did it, he came most days after that and if no one was around and no cats on the wall he jumped up and stood there until we noticed him.

If we didn’t see him he would put his muzzle up in the air and let us know he was waiting, by a long ‘whoooooooooo’

None of the visiting cats nor our own cats were afraid of him, he was just ‘one of the gang’ to them.

In fact, if he was on the wall and a cat challenged him he would jump down submissively. He was a lovely little dog.

We called him Rooney because he looked like the footballer of that name lol. He ate his treat and off he went, we never could find out where he came from and although he condescended to let us pat him sometimes, he took off quickly, he obviously didn’t want anything but his treat of cat food.

We bought some tins of dog food but he wouldn’t even look at it, he was happy with a small saucer of whatever the visiting cats were having that day.

One day he didn’t turn up and we saw him no more, we never did find out where he was from or where he had gone.

21 thoughts on “The Dog who Thought He Was A Cat”

  1. Narla today, we are a bit concerned she’s out in the rain for long hours now she’s older, it doesn’t seem to bother her, but we are keeping a close eye

      • She must have been coming for 13 years now, the only survivor of three cats from the same family, Kane and Bonnie her siblings used to come too, she’s left out long hours but we’ve always kept an eye on her and everyone here knows and loves her.
        See the squirty cream on her nose? lol a little treat she loves.


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