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The Dog who Thought He Was A Cat — 21 Comments

  1. Narla today, we are a bit concerned she’s out in the rain for long hours now she’s older, it doesn’t seem to bother her, but we are keeping a close eye

      • She must have been coming for 13 years now, the only survivor of three cats from the same family, Kane and Bonnie her siblings used to come too, she’s left out long hours but we’ve always kept an eye on her and everyone here knows and loves her.
        See the squirty cream on her nose? lol a little treat she loves.

  2. What a friendly little dog he would make a lovely companion 🙂 I wonder where he came from and what happened to him? Its so endearing that he got on with all the cats such a beautiful story and I love all the pictures 🙂

  3. Yes, alligators.
    The war on muskovy ducks is pretty much statewide.
    Much of the reasoning behind not feeding the ducks is the same bull we’re given about feral cats, ie,feeding promotes their ability to breed, they are a source of diseases, they are a nuisance because they create noise and leave droppings. I’m not sure when this all came about because it wasn’t like this when I was a kid.
    There was a huge community rant over the duck issue here so many of the ducks were moved to a secured area owned a citizen here rather than being killed.
    I wish there were that kind of outpouring for cats. But, there isn’t.

    • Some towns won’t let us feed the wild pigeons there now, they are called a pest, but people throwing down uneaten food have encouraged them to the towns and now the pigeons are being blamed for messing.
      Well as always it’s people to blame but animals and birds who suffer.

  4. I had a dog for 18 years and,in the last 2 years of his life, he would only eat cat food and preferred the cats’ leftovers. But, I don’t think he thought he was a cat.
    Anything resembling Ruth’s sweet tale would be unlikely here. It wouldn’t be OK to be seen feeding any free-roaming cat(s) umless they are in a managed and registered colony and you are the caretaker.People are quick to call authorities.
    A free-roaming dog is a rarity and would, probably, be picked up by animal control within an hour,
    I love the tale though, and would love to have an experience like that.

    • I think you should come and live in England Dee 🙂 I’d hate the harsh rules and regulations about animals there.
      Are you allowed to feed wild birds?
      Rooney was unusual in that he jumped onto the wall, I’ve never known dogs do that, they usually beg from the ground.
      Anyone who tried to catch him would have had to be very quick, he could move as fast as any cat too.

      • Some wildlife can be fed such as birds, racoons, opossums and a lot of cat feeders disguise what they are doing by saying they are feeding wildlife. That doesn’t work if the cats are very visible. So, like many, I place objects around my deck so what I’m doing is as concealed as can be.
        By the way, it is never allowed to feed ducks, bears, or gators.

        • Do you mean alligators Dee? We don’t have them or bears but we do have ducks and everyone feeds them here.
          How awful it must be for animal and bird lovers over there 🙁

  5. Rooney was a canny little dog, I hope he just chose not to come again and nothing happened to him, there doesn’t seem to be many visiting cats nowadays, it seems to be hedgehogs that require café facilities now.

  6. Sweet story! I ran a little cat cafe in my back garden. It has since turned into a boarding house! I often see a new little face curious about the boarding house, but they never stay. I think there is an unspoken rule among cats, “keep your paws off my grits!”

  7. This is a really charming little cat (and dog) story. It feels very English to me. I wonder if it does to an American.

    I love the way the way they all got along and the way you helped them and made their lives a bit better. I think “cat cafe” is a good description. You could have opened a little shop by the wall, almost.

    Perhaps yours was one of the world’s first cat cafes that are now quite famous. Which reminds me, I must see if the one in the East End of London is open. If it is I’ll pop down and do a report for PoC.

    • Yes we maybe had the first mini cat café, they had all obviously heard about our charity Coffee Mornings and thought we did them for cats (and dogs) too lol.
      Our wall was a busy place and we often chatted with neighbours who stopped by too to join the happy throng.
      Sadly most of the cats have gone now, their people having moved away, only Narla still comes for her treat at present, but who knows, some new customers might come along one day.

      • How sad he disappeared. As much as by default I am averse to dogs I have met some very sweet, gentle nice dogs who absolutely don’t invade my space physically or with sound.

        • Yes there are some nice dogs, Rooney was one of the best and little Rosie who lives opposite, she’s a King Charles spniel, is gorgeous and good with cats too.
          Mayhem next door to us, the rottweiler attacked one of the jack russels, he’s in a dreadful state, we’ve told him the child will be next but he says no he wouldn’t hurt a fly ….hmmm we are just glad he’s shut in a kennel and run and not roaming free!

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