The Feline Fellowship Cat Courses

Diplomas in Human Training:

Cat Certificate
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Lesson 1 – if your human does not understand your instructions, gently encourage the human to follow them by physically placing the human’s hand where you want it to be.

Original certificate by KB35 on this page of Flickr

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5 thoughts on “The Feline Fellowship Cat Courses”

  1. Wow that was fantastic I love it. What a great cat. What a great system. Something a little different but my cat Lilly doesn’t particularly like high sounds, especially music. When high sounds come from my computer she heads straight on over and starts biting my arm and meowing and if I don’t stop the sound she bites harder and harder til it really hurts. When I stop it she goes back to what she’s doing. Its all well and good but today a friend was over playing some song from her phone and Lilly got up from her nap and came on over and started biting my friend who was very confused by it. All the while she puts on the same kind of meow as the cat in this video. Sometimes cats can be extremely clear about what they want!

    1. OMG! That video is hilarious as are your cats, LOL! My Maine Coon, Abby, has decided she doesn’t want to wait for me to get out of bed to feed her so, like her predecessor (Sadie), she’s taken to sleeping next to my pillow on the memory foam mattress (she’s no dummy). The morning ritual begins with a low purr in my ear at dawn. It progresses to a gentle ‘mew’ in the ear followed by a tap on my cheek. Then comes the looooong stretch across my throat, her long fur tickling my nose. If that doesn’t work, she’ll then meow VERY LOUDLY in my ear. Trust me, like the cartoon series “Simon the Cat” the shenanigans works!

      1. I can totally get what you are saying. I had cat who would do the sort of things you mention and as a last resort she’d gently bite me on the nose! LOL That always worked. It is guaranteed to wake up anyone and get them to the feeding station.

  2. My cat Bigfoot tries to get me out of bed this way. He starts with his huge polydactyl paws trying to lift my arm, then moves to his teeth trying to lift me up. I almost always comply. Mind you it is usually 4 in the morning. He wants me up during his waking hours which are very few these days.

    1. Amazing. I think he may progress to dragging you from your bed, screaming and complaining… ๐Ÿ™‚

      You have got to realize that cats are crepuscular (cats can say that word, humans can’t). You’ve got to start doing the early morning shift. It’ll be the night shift next.

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