The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

This little vignette of life says a lot about us, our cats and our relationship. You have a person being wantonly cruel – for what reason? You have a person being the opposite; caring and warm-hearted. In the middle you have a cat, “Handsome”, who bears no grudges, accepts what life throws at him and can still be friendly with people despite the cruelty perpetrated against him.

abused three legged cat

Here is Handsome, a still image from the video (in case we lose the video over time)

Most people wouldn’t be able to do that. Cats are kings especially at the Cat House on the Kings. One last thing, this handsome, three legged cat has FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus, the cat version of human AIDS (HIV). This disease may be linked to the cruelty he suffered.

Who comes out looking good in this story? The cat of course. And the people who run the The Cat House on the Kings and particularly Lynea Lattanzio who owns the sanctuary.

As you will hear in the video a person bound up Handsome’s right leg with wire. This reason for this would appear to be to hobble the cat, to prevent him from being as mobile; perhaps to prevent him from jumping over a fence into her back yard – I am guessing. The leg was bound up for so long it became infected and withered away. The two halves of the leg had joined together. Quite horrible.

Has this person been arrested from animal cruelty? I am sure the person who saved this cat, a women in California, knows who did it as the perpetrator was her neighbour according to the description under the video on YouTube.

Anyway, there you have it; the good the bad and the beautiful. The good is the The Cat House on the Kings. The bad is the criminal who injured this cat and caused him so much distress and pain. The beautiful is Handsome.


  1. The video is embedded from YouTube. Sometimes, over time, videos get taken off YouTube for what ever reason which causes the video go go blank here.
  2. My thanks to DW for picking out this video for me.
  3. Associated: cat abuse.
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