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The Importance of a Balanced Diet for Pets — 3 Comments

  1. I think the important point is that cats are not able to use proteins from non meat sources properly. I know from having read about an in depth tour of the Hills factory that the way they creat their food is by compiling the ‘ideal’ set or combination of ingredients. The put the right amount of proteins and the right amount of vitamins etc bla bla. However they obtain these proteins from the wrong places so thats the catch in their whole, good sounding theory, and the basic reason why it can’t work properly and truly be ideal and healthy for your cat. They have this whole ‘science diet’ philosophy down to tee and they really believe in it too apparently. Obviously obtaining the protiens from the right places would be more expensive but even if that fact doesn’t play into it, the calculated and ‘prescribed science diet’ sounds almost perfect having all the right stuff in it basically. When asked about the underlying question of the origins of the fundemental ingredients they, apparently, couldn’t answer or avoided the question. I don’t want to villify them, I think they just don’t think of it that way and they really believe in what they are doing. Just to clarify, my sources for this are a group of people who were invited to tour the north american facility in Kansas, many of whom wrote about it in great depth.

    Anyhow, nice article – a summary of different diet requirements. I never knew much about dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and so on so it’s interesting to get an idea of what all these other petfoods on the shelves should contain. I always see all kinds of different foods when I pick up my cat food in the ‘petfood aisle’.

    • It surprises me how peculiarly abnormal dry cat food is. It is nothing like the constituents that make up a mouse. I think cat food is very overpriced. Hills pouches (12 of 100 gms in a box) in the UK bought in a vet’s clinic is about £8! That is as expensive as prepared human food I reckon. More expensive that lots of human food yet it is based on rubbish.

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