The Latest From Kays Hill Cattery

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Kays Hill cattery is coming along very nicely now with one side of the pens in the building completed and full of unwanted cats. You can see a list of some other posts about the cattery,  including its construction, by clicking this link.

Kayshill Animal Sanctuary Cattery
Kayshill Animal Sanctuary Cattery. Collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra.
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They had radiators installed for this winter by a kind volunteer and it’s snug and warm in every pen. Hopefully in the future there will be the same number of pens the other side and outdoor runs too, but as always money is too short to do all this at present.

Many more cats have been relinquished lately by people saying they can’t afford to keep them any longer, more have been dumped in boxes by the gates.

Yes things are bad in the North East of England but I think people give up their pets too easily. I expect those people still have their luxuries, such as TV and new clothes. They don’t consider the financial burden of food and vets bills they are putting on Kays Hill and other Rescue Centres too.

Gerty is the last one of a family of 15 abandoned cats still without a home, she has been at Kays Hill for 20 months now, hard to rehome because she was so traumatised at the abandonment by the person she loved and trusted and also because she is very shy. She had a chance last year of a home but became so panicky when her prospective adopters went to collect her, that she was ill and had to be taken to the vets, the people changed their minds, no second chances for her.

Leanne had the good idea of teaming Gerty up with Marcus, a more confident cat and the photo of them shows how well that worked out. She looks very well and very content.

This is what it says under their photo on the rehoming page:

‘Gerty and Marcus are to be homed together as Gerty gets very anxious without him. Marcus is a very friendly cat with gorgeous markings and who loves attention. Gerty is more likely to stay out of the way but in the right home with her best friend, Marcus may help her come out of her shell’

We hope someone will come along soon and fall in love with and adopt both those cats, because although they are well looked after and loved at Kays Hill, it’s every cat’s right to be in a loving home environment of their own.

The person who abandoned the cats has never enquired even once about them. Of the 4 cats the RSPCA took, 2 in a bad state were PTS, we don’t know the fate of the other 2.

Of the others, one was PTS last year, this was tragic as he had just gone, along with one of his brothers, to a wonderful home, when cancer in his jaw was diagnosed. His adopter was heartbroken.

Thankfully the others are all doing well in their new homes, a happy ending to their story, we just hope Gerty has a happy ending to her story one day soon too.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

49 thoughts on “The Latest From Kays Hill Cattery”

  1. So very sad for you all at losing Gerty and Karrot, and sad to think of how Gerty missed out on a loving home of her own due to the way she had been forced to live before she came to you. Even though she couldn’t accept the love offered to her at Kays Hill she was well cared for, safe and happy with Marcus, there is nothing at all for you kind souls to feel guilty about.Karrot was lovely, I remember her well. RIP Gertie and Karrot, you were both loved whether you wanted to be or not.

    • i like that Barbara, it made me smile, ‘you were both loved whether you wanted to be or not’ good, accurate phrase!!


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