The Latest News And Pictures For The Chester Fan Club

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

I’m sure all our PoC family will be pleased to hear that Chester is coming along very well.

He now has his own Facebook page:

‘Chester The Cat’

He has 144 fans and he says ‘I am making steps forward every day’.

Chester Rescue Cat
Poster by Ruth aka Kattadorra
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His latest adventure was posing for ‘Your Cat’ magazine, he will be even more famous when it is published!

Also, Cats say they may feature him in their Christmas fund raising emails.

I hope they do because he is such a brave little cat and his recovery physically and mentally from being almost drowned in motor oil by a gang of youths, is nothing short of amazing.

He wrote that his sense of smell was damaged, poor little cat, smelling food is a big part of a cat’s enjoyment of eating, but once he gets started he tucks in, he says there is no stopping him then.

Chester Rescue Cat Posing
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

I’ve promised to post this link on his Facebook page, so who knows, he may come along and comment himself because he hasn’t let his fame and the thought that there are many people who want to adopt him, go to his head lol

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77 thoughts on “The Latest News And Pictures For The Chester Fan Club”

        1. leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary)

          no-one could blame him at all if he never wanted to be around the human race again, but he has done so well to come so far. with lots of tlc (which we all know he gets in bucket loads!!)i’m sure he’ll continue to improve. he looks so comfy in the pic.

    1. He is growing up. He’s going to be fine adult cat. We all love him. We have prayed from him in our own ways and wanted him to get to this moment. I love his coat too.

        1. What a beautiful photo! All three cats are gorgeous!

          Chester would probably warm up to people more if there weren’t so many cats around. But he might be one of those cats who only bonds to one or two people and isn’t good with strangers.

          My Monty has been like that, but he is getting better with new people. Unless the stranger smells of dog. That is unforgivable in Monty’s book.

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            I think having other cats around and seeing them trust Marion and Steve and their family have helped Chester to trust them too. As well as the trauma of being abused by those youths he must have lost his mother and maybe siblings not long before that and felt lonely for feline company as he was only 6 weeks old and couldn’t have survived long on his own.
            They were never found, just hope something horrible didn’t happen to them too and no one was there to save them.
            So I think Chester will need a feline companion in his new home, if he goes to one, he still has a few problems so Marion has a dilemma deciding what’s best for him.

    1. LOL. He reminds me of all cats and especially mine. Charlie loves cooked chicken and ham. Do we have any news on rehoming? Have I missed the news or is it still being decided. It suppose it is a little early to decide.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        I don’t think Marion has decided yet and he’s just having his second vaccinations today so he will have to have time to settle after that anyway as vets trips are extra traumatic for him after all he had to suffer there the day after he was rescued.
        There are a lot of people wanting him, I don’t know how Marion will decide or if she and Steve will be able to bring themselves to part with him.
        Steve was just saying yesterday that they have 40 kittens in care, it would be good news if all the people offering a home for Chester would take one of those kittens instead.

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    His ‘daddy’ has just been here to collect some cat food and stuff we had for CP and he says he’s fine today, it was just a ‘kitten thing’ he had.
    They have 40 kittens at present!

  2. These pictures make my heart sing! Thanks so much for sharing, Ruth he really is a little star with plenty of cattitude!! I’m so so pleased that he has pulled through that awful ordeal just goes to show what resilience and determination he has!!

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Chester says:
    ‘Ate my breakfast so looking up and not going vets till next week now when my 2nd vaccination due. Purrs to all’

    PHEW that’s a relief

  4. Last night Chester put this on Facebook “Daddy gave me two choices for supper ! Felix kitten or corned beef, guess which I just ate nom nom….”

    and this morning when Ruth has asked how he is he has replied “Well I think I fooled the authorities out of taking me to vets by eating again.”

    So hopefully he is ok, maybe just a little tummy upset. If we hear any more we’ll post asap.

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Just heard that Chester isn’t himself today, he’s not eating or playing, he’s off to the vets tomorrow if he doesn’t pick up.
    Please everyone send him loving thoughts.
    I’ll let you know how he is when we hear any more news.

    1. I hate to hear that news, Ruth. If he becomes seriously ill it will be a shock to me. Chester is a huge success story. I want him to live well. I send him my loving thoughts. Big kisses xxx

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Yes it would be devastating to lose him now, let’s hope it’s nothing serious, I will let you know as soon as I hear.

  6. Sorry for the late reply- I’ve been a bit distracted.

    I so much enjoyed reading about Chester’s progress, and seeing the pix. Thanks Ruth.

    Not my area of expertise directly, so this is semi-informed guess, but my guess is that Chester will recover his sense of smell. He’s still young, and relevant tissues are still “plastic” and being added to during development- meaning nasal damage might well be repaired over the course of time, as he grows to adulthood. Sorry to be a bit “arcane” about the terminology… but I hope the gist is clear. Fingers crossed in hope for this outcome.

    1. I hope you are right! Sense of smell is more important to a cat than to a human. Whatever happens he will adapt to his situation. Cats are remarkably resilient.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      I hope you are right Valley Girl, I suppose his sense of smell must have been affected by the oil he swallowed and what went up his tiny nose. It’s unbearable to think how he suffered from the cruel way those yobs treated him.
      They still haven’t been caught, I just hope they had a twinge of conscience when they realised just what they had done but I doubt it.

  7. What ever will we do for a Chester fix once he’s in a new home? Can’t bear to think of the boy going off to a new life and his POC family never hearing from him again!

      1. You could be right. Also if his sense of smell doesn’t come back it might affect his appetite later on. Cats select food by smell and it is a sense that is closely linked to appetite for a cat.

  8. I wish though that I could adopt Chester, the little kitty with anosmia, because he lives in the same world I live in, with a very poor sense of smell. We would get along so well together, I think. Monty lives in a world full of smells that I can’t comprehend or imagine. He’s always sniffing everything. Poor little Chester won’t be able to live as a normal cat, sniffing everything. It’s not just food smells he’s missing. He’d be the perfect cat for a human with anosmia (or nearly anosmia– I have some sense of smell) because we’d have something in common.
    I think when he is fed the same word should be said every time he’s eating, like “treat” and over time that word will help him know he’s being given food.

  9. I think Chester should stay at Cat’s Protection. I think his story should continue to be spread far and wide. People will come to Cat’s Protection to see Chester and leave with a cat! People will hear about Chester and want to adopt him and Marion can say, “He is not available for adoption at this time, but here is another very special cat you might be interested in…” I think he could be the mascot for Cat’s Protection and through him many, many cats will find homes. Then he can also stay with George.

  10. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Chester says
    ‘oh no look who has arrived now, five feral kittens, I will have to help by telling them how lucky they are to be here with Marion and her volunteers’

      I know they’re lucky to have Marion. But, Marion, you are so lucky to have them!
      This is so my heart!

    2. Well poor Chester has his nose pushed out as i have to spend more and more time with more and more kittens, his socialisation is now fairly complete though he can still be flighty with strangers he should bond once in a new home. Thanks for everyone’s kind words about him he really is a superstar.

  11. I just love cats and he has gotten my heart. I look forward to seeing new pics of him. He will turn out to be a handsome cat someday.

      1. ye I think he will end up being very big. He looks just like Red did – he is at the ‘skinny staged’ of kittenhood but just wait til he puffs up a bit – he’ll be very big I have no doubt.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this I was wondering how Chester was now.
    Isn’t he just absolutely beautiful he’s done so well and I love that we have been sharing his progress all the way and he raised money for CPL.
    Will Marion bear to part with him?

  13. What a gorgeous boy he is, it’s unbelievable how well he is after such a horrendous attack on his such a short time ago, all down to the man who saved his and Marion CP for her tender care, he’s already a successful fundraiser thanks to POC and now he is to be in a magazine and get lots of publicity for Cats Protection, what a cat!

      1. leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary)

        who would’nt just love to have a chester in their lives? he looks so full of fun and pure ‘devilment’ i bet he keeps marion on her toes!! especially when she has other kittens needing extra care. the pic of him ‘shouting’ made me smile, the little one in the background dos’nt look very impressed though. he obviously dos’nt know how famous his housemate is!

  14. Like a lot of other people, I love Chester. He represents all the rescued cats in the UK. He is a charmer. Love the posters too, Ruth.

    You might like to upload the picture of him with the blue backgrounds (in the lower poster) to a comment so we can see him in large format. He has a very fine coat as far as I can see.

    He is a bit of a film star. Handsome.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      The top poster was made of two collages from Chester’s face book page where I asked his permission to use them and the bottom one I already made a bit bigger for this PoC article.
      I’ll see if I can get any bigger individual photos of him now and post them too.

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