The Latest News For The Chester Fan Club

Chester has a few pages scattered around here on PoC but I thought it would be nice to have a new page with some of the old photos of him and also new ones as Marion takes them of his progress (videos).

Just look at the difference in him already, from that tiny oil covered terrified hopeless little soul to the happy kitten he is now.

Chester a recovering cat abused cat
Collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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It’s partly thanks to the vet for shaving him and prescribing the medication he needed to prevent him developing problems from swallowing some oil, but most of all it’s thanks to Marion for her tender loving care and the good food she gives him.

Chester has touched many hearts and every day people are asking Marion how he is, he has many offers of a home for when he’s well and socialised enough to cope with the change and some people have been very generous with donations towards his vets bills, including Michael here on PoC of course.

He has made feline friends at Marion’s house and the gorgeous George has taken him under his wing too and keeps him in line with a bat of a paw if he pushes his luck with naughtiness lol.

Marion was a bit worried last night but today she says:

‘I was worried about Chester last night he didn’t eat his tea or supper and just curled up in his bed. Antibiotics finished the other day so had in my head he was going downhill. However this morning though not eaten much he is flying around like a lunatic again’

I think we all hope and pray he continues to recover and goes on to have a very happy long life. It seems a shame he was born feral and he had to live through the traumas he suffered in order to be a much loved pet one day.

Thankfully he is young enough to tame and hopefully in the future start to trust the people who only want to love and care for him, not to hurt him.

Updating video:

101 thoughts on “The Latest News For The Chester Fan Club”

  1. The latest news is that Chester is on the way to recovery. He’s on antibiotics and is eating fairly well so we’re hoping that he’ll soon start gaining more weight.

  2. This painting has been painted and donated by Starkindler Art for Cats Protection to sell/auction to raise funds for Chester and kittens like him. Anyone wishing to make a private bid should email

    • The highest bid is £30 up to now, but we hope to attract even higher bids tomorrow on our CP stall at our vets open day

  3. Wow so many comments!! Chester deserves all this positive publicity because he’s abrave little man!! I’ve so loved watching his video with Prince and looking at his photos, he looks happier and more mischievous every day, Marion your dedication astounds me you have achieved so much with this little fella and it must be so rewarding to find that he’s snuggling into you 🙂 I wish him all the love and happiness in the world – he deserves it 🙂


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