The Person who gets a “full predator spiritual erection” from shooting cats

The quote in the title is direct from the man himself. He considers himself to be a moderate man and a fine family man. He gets upset when people don’t recognize that quality (see video below). I can understand that. It is upsetting.

In order to keep a low profile myself, I shall keep comments to a minimum and let the facts speak for themselves. I know a lot of people will think of me as a pink, liberal twit. That’s fine. I am not, but I don’t mind what people think of me.

Ted Nugent is a musician and he is well known and loved by many. He proudly declares in an interview that he has shot thousands of cats. For many years he shot 400-500 per year, which is more than one a day. He thinks he has to do this work. It is a civic duty to him.

On one occasion he was disappointed that he had shot the cat dead first hit. He would have preferred that the cat was badly injured. Incidentally the cat he is referring to was wearing a fancy collar so belonged to someone. He has been a deputy sheriff of some sort (special Deputy Sheriff for one or more of Michigan’s Counties)

He wrote the lyrics to a successful song he performed called “cat scratch fever”. In the song he says he got cat scratch fever once when he was ten years old.

…They give me cat scratch fever
Cat scratch fever
The first time that I got it
I was just ten years old
I got it from some kitty next door
I went and see the Dr. and….

He likes to shot living things; basically anything that moves and if he does not use a rifle he will use a bow and arrow.

What else can I say about this American. Oh yes, he has written a book called, “God, Guns, & Rock & Roll”. The reviewers on Amazon say that it is great book. Not all of them, of course, but a decent percentage.

One reviewer says that:

This book begins with two quotes from the Bible:
Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that liveth, shall be meat for you”.
Genesis 27:3 “Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out and take me some venison”.

I have to conclude that Mr Nugent’s love of killing originates in Genesis. And his love of the bow and arrow also originates in Genesis it seems. {note: it seems that Genesis was written around the 5th century BC – before Christ. It is difficult to understand how someone can base their behavior on the attitudes and culture that existed in the Middle East about 1,500 years ago. I don’t believe it is sensible to do that especially when it leads to a lot of killing. I accept other peoples’ view though.}

I think he feels that he is doing God’s work. Good for him. He is obviously very committed. I wonder how many cats and other animals he wounds because of sloppy shooting or use of his bow? I have no idea.

And I wonder why he has never been prosecuted for wounding and killing cats? Maybe being a Sheriff has something to do with it. Other than that I have no idea. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

He is on a mission doing God’s work clearing America of feral cats and dogs because there is an epidemic of them and they spread disease like wildfire…bammmm…

I wrote a post about declawing that is associated to this one: Are Christians more likely to declaw cats?

Added later: The comment below comes from an American that was on a page about another cat shooter: Woodsman. I did not publish the comment but I think it is relevant to this page:

Oh you silly silly pompous and ignorant british twits! LOL! No wonder everyone has always clamored to get away from your inbred gene-pool.

Why try to find someone that’s such a challenge? Just go after Ted Nugent. He, his family, and all his friends have shot far more cats than your Woodsman ever has! All done perfectly legal too.

And you can find Mr. Nugent today! This very hour!

See? You bloody foolish (f)UK(ed-up) morons. It’s American custom to shoot your useless and excess vermin cats.

What’s the matter? Do you like to just blow smoke up everyone’s ass and not actually go after any real cat-killer? You know, ones that you can actually find, right now, today.

No, you just like to pretend about ones you can’t find so you can say you tried but failed. Yeah, that’s what we ALL thought, and knew. Just useless farts in the wind, living in their mommies’ basements, petting their own pussies, pretending like they’re BIG MEN who don’t do shit about ANYTHING in real life. Just like their useless cats. ROFLMAO!

We’re calling your bluff you useless and ignorant british pussies!

14 thoughts on “The Person who gets a “full predator spiritual erection” from shooting cats”

  1. Please don’t take Nugent as a representative of most Americans. I will admit that we yanks can be idiots, but not all of us are brutal bastards who get off on inflicting pain on those who can’t fight back. The mere thought that any people like him exist anywhere nauseates me. I hope Karma deals with him as harshly as he deserves, if not in this life, in the next several ones.

    • Thank you for your comment. It makes me feel better. Just to reassure you, I do realize that there are lots of great American people. I just have this hatred of idiots who are wedded to their rifles who love to shoot cats or anything else that moves.


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