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The Person who gets a “full predator spiritual erection” from shooting cats — 14 Comments

  1. Please don’t take Nugent as a representative of most Americans. I will admit that we yanks can be idiots, but not all of us are brutal bastards who get off on inflicting pain on those who can’t fight back. The mere thought that any people like him exist anywhere nauseates me. I hope Karma deals with him as harshly as he deserves, if not in this life, in the next several ones.

    • Thank you for your comment. It makes me feel better. Just to reassure you, I do realize that there are lots of great American people. I just have this hatred of idiots who are wedded to their rifles who love to shoot cats or anything else that moves.

  2. Also, how do people like this become popular, or get into positions of any kind of power? What kind of person likes this guy? It’s just plain scary that he is popular. What kind of a place does he live in…

    • If he lived near here he’d be the one inured to suffer a long slow painful death because I don’t know of anyone who would admire such a low life, deluded, dangerous monster.

  3. It’s anyway illegal to ‘shoot to maim’ – man he is crazy and so is the fact that he gets away with it. Both are equally as backwards.

  4. I agree with Ruth, I agree with Marcinswitz and furthermore I wish this monster misery, pain, fear, a prolonged and traumatic death and no rest afterwards.Scum.

  5. Sorry, but without going into detail, I just wish he would drop dead. He is a very good example of one of the generic images we non americans (actually I am, I have a passport to prove it) have of Americans. Gun slinging, cowboy hat wearing extremist idiots. I bet he loves Texas. I bet he drinks like a fish. I bet he thinks he’s a real god fearing man. TWOT. Sod off!!

    • I would wish on him what he wished on the cat with the collar that I mention in the article. I think he should feel that. I wonder if he spreads disease…LOL

  6. I find it completely impossible to understand how any human being can take pleasure in seeing other living beings suffer and die and I am ashamed to be of the same species as those who do.
    Surely humans should be humane!

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