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The Politics of Recalling Allegedly Poisonous Pet Food — 5 Comments

    • I totally agree that Purina could and should have pulled these products off the shelves as a precaution based on the large number of complaints. It would have shown a very ethical approach. Sadly they do the opposite. I doubt sometimes whether the FDA are doing the job they are meant to do. I think there was enough evidence. I wonder how may dog owners were interviewed and how many autopsies on dogs were carried out. To me (and I am suspicious and cynical) it does not feel right.

      In Britain we have had a burger scare. Testing revealed some horse meat in burgers. It was safe. It was just not beef. The companies removed 10 million burgers from the stores. That is the difference between humans and dogs/cats.

  1. Nestle are real bad guys when it comes to animal testing so I don’t suppose they have any scruples about what goes into their food.
    But big firms get away with things, they just deny it. Bob Martins flea treatments have made cats ill, even killed some, yet it’s still on sale in shops and supermarkets and many people don’t know how dangerous it is.
    It’s all about money these days, not about the health and safety of our pets.

  2. lol- the motto I mean.
    The rest is shocking and disgusting. I would say the one single biggest crap thing about the country I live is Nestle. My mothers husbands son works for Nestle and it just so happens he’s a total money hungry a** h*le. I think you have to be either stupid or an a** h*le to work for a company like that on any level. Thats just personal opinion though. This business about the Chinese I read about a few times up until now but nobody has come up with the neat theory about the antibiotic as a way of saving face for both Purina and China. I do know that the FDA is there but it’s not really all that effective for many reasons no doubt to do with money. I have heard clearly that all jerky dog treats made in China sold under any company name are killing and hurting a large amount of dogs.. I also know a gigantic proportion are just fine and these products even have facebook pages with a ton of likes and there’s apparently no problem.

    In my opinion it should not be about proportion of complaints and negative evidence that causes action since there will always be so many who are fine that nothing will ever be done. I think it should just be the fact that a pattern of complaints about a specific product comes in and something gets done regardless. If it were humans I think the first sign of somebody dying would pretty much sort the issue. But its animals and the standards are incredibly low in my opinion. Why is it almost impossible to find cat food in the obvious places without animal biproducts in it..it drives me nuts. I can’t even get good food for my cats. I don’t know where to get food regularly without biproducts. Then there’s the grains. And after all that, just when you think things are bloody awful you get China poisoning food which the crappy corporations buy on the cheap.

    The only real standard is to compare situations to ‘what if it were involving humans’ – then you get an idea of how bad the gap is. Look at the photo above – the packaging is so false. It’s impossible to live with such a huge distrust surrounded by lying skimping companys like Nestle Purina. If only people had some power. In the US the FDA still allows HUMANS to eat genetically modified food. Aren’t they supposed to protect people from the corporate pigs. I found this unbelievable. In Canada I didn’t know what I was eating in a damn restaurant. GM food is still LEGAL and big business out there. Who allows it? What government allows corporations to create low standards for life? My only conclusion is that where it is legal is where it is corrupt. It can only be legal to poison people because somebody is getting paid not to end it. It’s illegal all over Europe. Personally I think all this I am talking about is the new and hidden corruption of capitalist democracy. It’s mad corruption. It’s worse than the old fashioned corruption where at least it was clearly corruption.

    • You have expressed my feelings. Cat food is about making money and the health of the animal is second to that. As you say it is almost impossible to buy really decent cat food that replicates a mouse. It’s all road kill etc. And what about the preservatives. These days it refuses to go off. There must be ton of preservatives in it but I can’t find out what they are because on the box I checked it is not listed. The standards are very low. The packaging is great to attract humans. It is human packaging. Sometimes it smells like human food. I guess it has to to attract humans who buy it.

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