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  1. dreamt I had Tiggy with me last night and was talking to her and I didn’t find it disturbing so maybe she is here with me. I do believe in the soul!!

  2. yes Michael that is Tiggy she was so lovely and I am giving Gabby lots of attention so we are helping each other thank you all for your comforting words it does help to talk

  3. Yes it is heartbreaking to lose a cat but I feel as sorry for Gabby who is my next eldest at 8 years old a black and white girl she is looking for Tiggy.Do you think felaway would help her?

    • I agree with Dee, you and Gabby need to be there for each other, you need to grieve together, give her lots of love and attention and take comfort from her too.
      I’ve never found Feliway much help with anything emotional and with a bereavement only time and love from and for our other cats has ever helped me and them.

  4. I had lovely moments with my old Tiggy she was such a gentle girl and has had a heart condition for the past 3 years but sadly had to leave us on Wednesday as her suffering took a turn for the worse R.I.P.my beloved companion I miss her so much

    • Take care Valerie. It is a tough time. I have had many moments when I have thought of my dear departed cats. It still affects me almost 20 years later in the case of cat I called Missie.

      • Twenty three years ago this week we lost two of our much loved cats, our very old Bert died in his sleep and then next day we had to have Alice who was only three years old PTS because of an inoperable brain tumour causing her to have fits.
        I still shed tears for those two cats even all these years later.
        You never get over losing a much loved cat, with time you just get used to them not being around, but the sadness of the loss comes back at times.

        • You know I am exactly the same. It can be traumatic when your cat dies. I remember when Binnie was euthanised. About 6 months afterwards I would wake in the middle of the night believing she was alive and worried about where she was. I even got up and went outside to find her until I realised she was dead. It was all a bit of a shock to me. Disturbing.

          • I have dreams like that about my grandfather. I dream he is still alive after he had been hospitalized for pneumonia and cardiac problems back in 1994. I dream he survived and he’s about to leave the hospital and we need to decide about 24 hour care or maybe a nursing home. I wake up very worried, pondering what will be best for him, and it takes a long time sometimes to realize that was years ago and he never came home from the hospital. Or I have dreams that he is still alive and I’m talking to him and I never realize it’s a dream and that he’s gone. It’s not like that with anyone else, just him. Pets or people who are gone I always remember that they are gone. If they appear in a dream I know I must be dreaming. Just Grandpa– my brain cannot and will not accept he is gone. Those dreams are not comforting though– just very disturbing.

            • Poor you Ruth. I feel the upset those dreams can cause. I am OK about Binnie now. I don’t wake up and worry about her anymore.

              But like now, late evening when it is quiet and I am alone thinking about her, it makes me feel sad and a bit lost.

              • I believe that my grandfather is with The Lord and that I will see him again. Jesus knows how special he was to me and I look forward to what our relationship will be like in the life to come. But when I think about Tippy and all my childhood cats I sometimes doubt that I will actually see them again, because the teaching of the church concerning animals is so negative. I don’t find reason to doubt that animals live on from reading the Bible, so I think the church is wrong.

                In my silent moments with Monty I reflect that the same God who made him made me. We are children of the same God– different in some ways, similar in others, but both of us loved. When you think of it that way, instead of obsessing on who has dominion over who or who might be more loved by God and just reflect that we are ALL created by the same God, it seems much more possible that animals also will be part of the world to come.

                Sometimes I wish I had been created an animal or even just a wildflower growing at the side of the road instead of a human being. But to be created human is a great thing because we can think, reflect and understand in ways nothing else in creation can. But it is also a burden because humans are flawed and inherit a rebellious spirit.

        • I’m the same way. There are some that I feel I had an exceptional spiritual connection with (yes, I believe in that) and my eyes fill with tears just thinking about them.

          • Mine too Dee and with every loss the pain of all the other losses over the years comes back as intensely.
            I treasure every moment with the cats we have now.
            Four friends very old cats have died recently and I have cried for every one of them.

  5. Lucky is my big office cat. This room with the computer, TV, and daybed is where she chooses to live.
    She is always on the desk when I am on the computer and keeps her huge polydactyl paw on my left forearm. She is so content and I am so touched each and every time that I only type one-handed.

  6. This is so lovely Michael, I love men who are not afraid to show their true emotions and love of cats and your relationship with Charlie is very special.
    I have more quiet time with Jozef than Walter because Jo sleeps with me and comes under the duvet in the wee small hours but every night Walt waits for me to lift him onto Babz bed then he marches to and fro between us making little chirruping noises and butting us in turn.
    Jozef waits on Blue Mammy on my bed for me and we say our goodnights.
    I just love our two cats so much!

    • I had hoped you’d like it. Something a bit different. You have a very tender relationship with Jozef and Walter. Full of those little moments that breath some emotional warmth into our lives.

      My cat Missie used to come under the duvet with me and lie on my arm. That was magic.

      • I think you still miss your Missie Micheal and always will but in your memory you have precious shared moments with her.
        I love quiet moments with my cats 🙂

      • I love this most about living with cats. I love the quiet. I don’t like noise. I am like a cat in that sense – I get very agitated with alot of noise and hecticness. I am almost scared of letting people into my quiet little home with my cats. I really need that silence. Gigi breaths through her nose alot and it whistles – that’s how quiet my place is 🙂

        • LOL. We need quiet. There is far too much noise in the world and lots of verbal noise too. For me the best moments are messing around on the internet with Charlie by my side and no traffic noise, no aircraft noise and no one who wants to talk to me 😉

        • Your home sounds like ours Marc, an oasis of peace, although outside noises from anti social people and barking dogs ruins it at times.
          I hate going into someone’s home where the TV or radio are blasting away all day long and they aren’t even watching or listening to them.

          • Yes I don’t have a TV either and never really play music so it’s always very quiet. I know the cats want it that way – and so do I. I can hear the cats. If one jumps up onto a table or eats out a bowl in the kitchen i can hear it. We all know where eachother is I think – and what we are doing. Although I am sure they are much sharper at that than me.

            • We do have a small TV but don’t watch it much and also we have quiet music at times but never anything jangling to hurt our cats ears.

            • Some people actually like noise. They need the radio on to get to sleep. I think they feel insecure in silence. This is an interesting topic. I don’t know if this desire for noise is trained into them or whether it is some sort of hard-wired caveman thing. I suspect noise blocks out the reality of life. It is a distraction. In silence they become fearful.

              • I keep a fairly low volume of easy listening music (Johnny Mathis, Il Divo, etc.) on a lot. The cats don’t seem to mind and it gives me a feeling of euphoria sometimes.
                Yuppers! I’m high on music!

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