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  1. I think this 30% of people worrying about euthanasia is frighteningly small. Even calling it that makes it sound somehow ok. They dont realize how terrible it is for the cats to be locked up in cages and then taken off to be killed. Its actually no different than the holocaust – and should be considered as such. I think its is one of the greatest horrors of our time actually. It is a totally superalative and awful thing which must be stopped at all cost. How we treat our animals is important. To sit in our comfy homes and think ‘euthanasia’ is something somehow gentle or ok is total misunderstanding and this must be corrected. If I had endles money I think running one nationwide advert on tv would do it. In the space of one minute you could pretty much include all the info that needed to be mentioned and really get even the people who care just slightly to crap themselves in shock at what its really like – and include declawing. Probably all those idiot money grabbing vets (not the nice ones – I think its ok to be black and white about it sometimes) would freak out and try to ban such an ad so they could uphold their nefarious actions. I think the average person would care if they were just given the information they needed to understand what’s really happening.
    Sorry to be freaking out a bit but I just find the 31% of people being fussed about the daily killing of animals to be far too low – especially if you consider that the people questioned have and care for cats. It’s simple. ‘Euthanasia’ is the wrong word and the whole process is clearly hidden or made to sound somehow ok when it just isn’t. Our entire culture works like this. All the terrible things that happened are usually managed by a few ‘experts’ meanwhile nobody else has to see what is really going on. Its a total failure of Modernity in my opinion. Modernity doesnt work because it doesnt take into account the destruction of life. We need a new system. This business of cat killing just falls under that greater context. It must fall apart – it has to, one way or another. It really makes us humans look so stupid.

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