The Thought of An Angelic Cat Loving Woman

Just a bit of fun thanks to dw (Dorothy Wandruff) who showed me a picture, which I have adapted.

Don't Mess With My Cat
Don’t Mess With My Cat
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I liked the original but had to make my own for copyright reasons although I have used some of the original words as I thought they were good and certainly American! I am sureΒ  the author was American. Nice hard boiled sentiment, which I believe is accurate for lots of quiet, reserved ladies who love cats and animals.

If anyone wants to use it they can. Just leave a comment with your proper email address when you fill in the comment form and I’ll email the image to you.

The cat looks like a modern blue point Siamese. The picture was bought from iStockphoto. I have read the license by the way πŸ™‚

Also I know this a girl but she is young woman and the thought is for all cat loving female humans! And men for that matter. If someone hurt my cat, I think I nearly kill him.

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