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The Twin Towers (Maine Coons) — 7 Comments

  1. You’re spot on, they are just plain long and the fur can be deceptive. Witchcraft is just gorgeous, but she looks to be younger, rather than a full five? Could she have more growth ahead?

    Long John I’ve seen before and have no idea how long he is, but am guessing both have a shot at it. The way he is standing hides the base of him that would, of course, stretch out. Great captures!

    • Thanks Ruth. Helmi met some amazing cats. The Maine Coon really is a long cat rather than a big cat. They are quite large, certainly, but rangy and quite slender under all that shaggy fur.

      • Yes the fur is deceptive. I have never looked at Maine Coons and felt like they were rounded in any way, even with all that fur. Some cats are just rounder like British Shorthairs. Skinny but furry cats can look very round in winter like my cat in Canada. Maine Coons are too long to end up looking round with all the fur and that can only mean they are super long proportionally. I wonder which cat a shaved maine coon would look most like. Now there’s an interesting thought. Not something anybody should try at home 🙂

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