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  1. I saw this very short but very cute video on Flickr, where Valley Girl is one of our contacts. This video is an example of the saying “Good things come in small packages.” Math was never my favorite thing in school, so I won’t try to check your figures. 🙂 Now that Valley Girl has a new camera we’ll be looking forward to more videos of sweet Tootsie.

  2. Cat speed is an individual cat thing. A super expensive Bengal cat might be slower that Miss Moggie. I guess the length of leg and body is a factor. Maine Coons are rangy with long legs so should run fast – if you can get to see one running.

    I should think Marc’s moggie are very fast sprinters. Apparently about 30 mph is the top speed for a domestic cat. The serval does 50 mph and the cheetah about 65 (people say higher but they are wrong in my opinion). The lion is is wrestler so not very fast at about 45 max.

    The fastest domestic cat is said to be the Egyptian Mau but this is not scientific.

  3. Only a very happy cat would run there and back again like that. I love when cats are happy and do silly things to burn off energy. My Lilly is constantly going nuts on the floor mats and savagely attacking them.

    Michael – you seem to be pretty good at maths.

    I think my kittens run extremely fast – it’s one thing to compare the speeds of purebreds but there are so many kinds of moggy that i guess they don’t get included in the competition. I would however bet my money on a moggy being the fastest runner if it really came down to a test between all cats.

  4. She is gorgeous! Would love to see more of her. (hint: .

    She seems to be galloping to me, which is amazing. I bet she has a bit more in the tank. I love the paws! Gorgeous, gorgeous girl!

  5. p.s. prior to taking the video, I’d never seen Tootsie do this- I mean run to the corner, and then turn around and run back! Hilarious! And, it certainly supported my previous surmise that Tootsie likes to run for fun.

  6. Michael! Glad you enjoyed the vid.

    I didn’t calculate Tootsie’s speed myself, based on this vid, but you did well!

    Before I had a camera that I could use to make vids, a while back, I had guesstimated Tootsie’s speed along a much much longer straight stretch on one part of the sidewalk/s that border/s on the central, pretty much square area near my condo.

    I “clocked” her at 25 mph! (She does like to run for fun.) I was surprised at the apparent speed, and wondered if this was even reasonable.

    Thus off to google I went. Can’t remember the source. But information on the site I found said domestic cats have a maximum speed of about 30 mph! So my guesstimate was not totally nuts!

    Given that you were coming at your calculations from completely different evidence (video), and that she’s running over a much shorter stretch than I used for my “guesstimate”, it’s pretty interesting/ amazing that your calculations are so much in line with mine!

    I really would not have guessed, previously, that domestic cats can run this fast. And, as an aside, fwiw, Tootsie is a small Maine coon by Maine coon standards.

    Thanks for doing this! What fun!


    • I think the speed is fairly accurate because it fits in nicely with what I know about wild cat speeds. The small wild cat run at a similar speed to domestic cats. That’s a good guideline.

    • She is gorgeous, Ruth. The running speed is just a bit of fun. But Maine Coons are large, rangy cats with long bodies and legs so they should be able to run fast. However, I have never seen people claim that Maine Coons run very fast. The Egyptian Mau has that honour with a claimed to speed of 31 mph. The Bengal is fast too. I suspect the F1 Savannah is the fastest. The serval, a wild cat and the father of the F1 Savannah runs at 50 mph.

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