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The History of the California Spangled Cat — 2 Comments

  1. Here is a pic of our kitty Mickey. My kids are certain that he is a California Spangled. My son is doing a research project on them, and is trying to find out as much information as possible. Some sites say this breed is “endangered,” “closed,” or “on the comeback.” Do you know which is most accurate? I looked on the TICA & ACA and did not see this breed listed as one being recognized. Any suggestions on where else to get info would be appreciated.

    • Hi Angie, this page is the best on the internet on the history of this breed because it comes first hand from a lady who was a close friend of Mr Casey, the founder of the breed. She contacted me direct and wanted me to publish the information.

      As for the current status of this cat breed, I think it hardly exists. In fact it may no longer exist. It failed to gain traction as a breed. It may have died out as a breed. Unless cats of the breed are bred and the line continued the breed becomes extinct. I believe it is probably extinct as a breed. But, there may be some cats around still, perhaps with breeders but we don’t know.

      Mickey is a very impressive tabby cat. Unless he is registered as a Calif. Spangled he is strictly speaking not a Calif. Spangled. As a fine looking tabby cat looks like a Calif. Spangled that is probably what Mickey is.

      Thanks for discussing this breed.

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