Three Funny Cat Food Pictures

I was sent some funny animal pictures with captions. They are the typical sort of thing we see a lot of, but three of them are particularly relevant because of Elisa’s recent post on the surprising foods that cats like. I believe these pictures are in the public domain.

Cats And Divorce

Cats And Divorce

The first one is definitely an American picture and caption. It makes me laugh. Also, I think that there a serious side to it. Apparently, men suffer more than women on divorce. I am not sure why. One factor is that they lose all their money and the house 🙂 Just joking ladies. I think it is more about the fact that men need a partner more than a woman does but I have not read anything to support that view. In some ways women are more mentally resilient than men too. Or is it because men will miss the housework being done for them!

Cat Eats Human Food

Cat Eats Human Food

Hamburgers look very attractive to a cat and dog. The smell. A cat would pick it up at 50 paces. I know that my Charlie can smell roast chicken pieces being removed from the fridge when they are in a partly opened container and cold even though he is in a room that is ten yards from the fridge.

Cats Love Bacon

Cats Love Bacon

Do all cats love bacon? Well, no, I guess not, but most do. The fat is very tasty to a cat. They won’t love it anymore than me though…

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  1. Really? The fat? I give my cats ham, but I am very careful not to include any fatty bits because I read they don’t digest it well. But its true they are attracted to it – I kind of thought if I did give it to them they wouldn’t want it, going instead for the pure meaty parts.

    The first picture is my favourite. One thing we learn in my generation – upon looking at the older generations: don’t get married. Just don’t do it. Our lives are long now. Don’t.
    I’ve seen so many people who have been through divorce because after a long time its natural for people to grow apart. The feeling of ‘forever’ is a wonderful feeling – don’t go an ruin it by getting married 🙂

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