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Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website — 5 Comments

  1. Elisa, when you use information from other articles and provide links, do you also have to get permission from that author to use the information as long as you are providing the link?

    • as long as you only use a short quote you can just use the reference. I’ve seen a few writers get really mad when someone copied pretty much a whole article and didn’t give a bit of credit.

      I now try to link any direct statement back to a source in case someone questions it.

      Photos are trickier. Facebook is pretty much fair useage but anywhere else I’d ask permission. It’s not that hard to get from up and coming photographers. Pros will usually say no. I’ve used several from Mia Anelli but it’s agreed upon before I use one.

  2. I’m looking into having myself cloned. Just what the world needs-2 of me. I hope to get some tips added to this article. There’s always something we’re missing.

    I’m still your networker 🙂

  3. Thanks Elisa. I think PoC ticks pretty well all these boxes. Anything lacking is due to time constraints. I don’t have time to visit FB that much or Twitter or Google Plus. There are too many when you have to run a site at the same time.

    Thanks for setting up the FB group page. That does work well.

    These days, I continue to provide references but only the website in a non-url form because I get so many broken links to outside websites that I have to repair and this takes a lot of time. I don’t have that time as preparing three or two articles per day and maintaining the site plus having a bit of fun takes up all the time.

    This is the point I made earlier. To beat the big sites you have to have more people.

    PoC has a wonderful community which is unique and very special and much appreciated. This makes PoC work and it still does great.

    I just want more and more success. I want to change the cat world 😉

    I had the idea of joining forces with two other websites of similar standing. We could work together and create a portal site and each would contribute to that site and it would lead to the three individual sites. Basically expanding the community and become more competitive and bigger in a more competitive and bigger internet.

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