Titan Charms The Children

Titan charms the children is intended to be a video that has a feeling of being a little unreal as if in a dream almost. And the end is intended to add a bit of tension to a soft video, to give it a bit of bite or an edge. Those then are the intentions and why it is what it is.

F1 Titan a male Savannah cat charming children

F1 Titan a male Savannah cat charming children – photo copyright Kathrin Stucki

Beyond that the overriding impression that a viewer should get from this video is the massively solid and balanced character of Titan the F1 Savannah cat. He is a young cat and his owner says he is the best cat he has had (in terms of character – he said that on video, so I know). He is very balanced and nothing seems to phase him.

And I think his presence with these children shows that and it is good for the children. My thanks once again go to Martin and Kathrin Stucki for raising Titan so well and providing the video material. This video is definitely a product of a partnership.

There are some pages about socialising cats on this website:

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