Traditional Persian Cats Living in Mumbai

I am always interested in cats in countries other than in Europe and North America. We don’t see enough of them. In India, the Persian cat is almost the only purebred cat available to cat lovers. There are flat-faced Persians in India (called “punch face”) and traditional Persians cats. Rudolph lives with two traditional Persian cats in Mumbai, India. Mumbai was formerly called “Bombay”, a better name as far as I am concerned.

Rudolph has this to say about the photo on this page.

Here’s a photo of both my cats on the coffee table sitting like a pair of “Miniature Lions”. I have always tried to photograph both together in a candid poise but never quite getting the right photo. Today it just happened. Luck besides good photographic equipment plays a major role in photography. Judge for yourselves these two “Cat Models”

He adds that….

  • Tomcat Matata is the brown coloured cat and is 4 years old while..
  • Matahari is the white cat and 5 1/2 years old.
Persian cats in India
Persian cats in India. Photo by Rudolph Furtado .
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Mumbai is huge city on west coats to India.

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8 thoughts on “Traditional Persian Cats Living in Mumbai”

  1. What absolutely beautiful and healthy looking Persian cats you have Rudolph, such gorgeous trusting eyes looking at you too. Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful photo with us.

  2. Michael,thanks for sharing my cats photo’s on “P.O.C”.Thanks to “P.O.C”, viewers in the West can get an idea of pet cats in India which till date doesn’t have a registered “Cat Club”.Thanks for the compliment Marc, i was just lucky to be in the house when these two cats decided to sit on the same table and oblige for a photo-shoot.In fact i didn’t notice them but my house-keeper Sabina did and quickly informed me, the rest is on camera. Traditional Persian cats are the most common breed in India although now the “Punch-Faced Persian” is gaining popularity due to Western influence of the “Cat Club Shows”. The “Punch -faced Persian” is totally unsuitable for breeding in a humid city like Mumbai unless kept in an air-conditioned accommodation.Having recently visited North India i feel that the “Punch-Faced Persian” would thrive in the cool weather of Shimla,Kashmir or Kullu-Manali akin to the “Angora Rabbot” bred in these regions but definitely not in Mumbai.Tragedy is that most wealthy pet owners quickly purchase the latest cat breed or dog in fashion without realizing its compatibility to the weather conditions of the city. Whenever i visited a pet store in Mumbai i felt sad at seeing a few grumpy “Punch-faced Persian ” cats sitting in their small cages with their eyes watering, akin to crying, a result of the warm Mumbai weather. I hope the “Traditional Persian cat” makes a come-back in the cat shows in Western Country’s that sets the trend of cat fanciers all over the World.

  3. They are so beautiful Rudolph it’s really great to see them and what a superb photo – you really got their faces in a sort of natural expression. I love this kind of cat. The regular looking Persian – not the overbred and unhealthy one but the real one in my view. You know what strikes me the most about their faces is the muzzle looks very much like a Maine Coon with big whisker humps. They look like they have Maine Coon traits basically.

    I also love the names you have given them. What wonderful cats you have and lucky to have you taking care of them.

    I was in Mumbai a couple of times. Fantastic and interesting place with many incredible sights and sounds and wonderful people like most of India.

    I’d love to get a photo as ‘candid’ as that of my cats. It’s such a great photo!

    Thanks for sharing Rudolph.

    • The question for me is whether the traditional Persian in India is different to the traditional Persian in America and the UK.

      This is possibly a very boring question to a person is not involved with cats 😉 However it may shed some light on breeding practices in the West.

      My initial impression is that Rudolph’s Persians have stronger looking faces than the desired sweet faces of Western Persians. I might do a comparison picture.

  4. I love your cats. These are strange exotic cats to us in England ; ) We see very few purebred, pedigree cats living in Asia except occasionally for advertisements by cat breeders advertising on Indian websites.

    Your cats are very typical traditional Persian cats and I much prefer traditional Persians to the contemporary type.

    It shouldn’t be surprising that the Persian is the most popular purebred pedigree cat in India. It is said to originate in Persian and the surrounding region, not far from India.


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