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Trash Bag Kittens — 2 Comments

  1. People can be so very cruel, our much loved late Bryan was put in a carrier bag when he was a tiny kitten, with a brick in too and left in a pond to drown:
    It was only by good luck that some children saw the bag moving and rescued him.
    I don’t know how anyone could walk away and leave one kitten to die, let alone whole litters of beautiful kittens.
    Yes British people do seem to be becoming more rude and unpleasant….. why?
    We all have our problems and our struggles but surely the thing to do is to help each other if we can, but some people just don’t seem to care, the Good Samaritans are getting fewer and animals are suffering more than ever.
    Many humans are no longer humane!

  2. People without morals or a heart who just see a problem for themselves and are too lazy to deal with it correctly so they they deal with it cruelly.

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