Trash Bag Kittens

I am sort of speechless. I don’t know what to say about the people who put kittens in a trash bag, tie it up and carry it to some out of the way place or put it next to the trash cans. Or the person who put seven kittens in a PVC (plastic) holdall, zipped it up (almost airtight) and put it outside the offices of a rescue organisation (The Cats Protection centre in Bridgend). The people who do these things are not using their brains. They are letting their cats breed and then getting rid of the life created in the most callous and cruel way.

Here are three pictures:

The first set of trash bag kittens is not current. I think it happened a year ago or more but I have published it because it was on FB where people can click “like” against the pictures. The calico cat got the most likes. I found that interesting. These kittens were saved by a kind man who found the tied up trash bag.

Trash Bag Kittens
Trash Bag Kittens
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The second picture shows the kittens who almost died through suffocation in the purple PVC bag that you see. The kittens were about 6 weeks old. A vets said they would not have survived much longer. By chance the husband of a Cats Protection employee walked by the bag and saved them.

Trash Bag Kittens
Trash Bag Kittens

The next picture shows three gorgeous kittens who were saved from a trash bag. Again Cats Protection Bridgend are involved in saving and rehoming these kittens. This is what they said

“Sunny, Summer & Sunshine were found in a tied bin bag on one of the hottest days of the year by a holiday maker taking a walk along a coastal path. They have definitely used up one of their 9 lives and thankfully aren’t likely to suffer any long term effects,”

Trash Bag Kittens
Trash Bag Kittens

What can you say? I am speechless. It is heartless behavior. It is cold, unthinking behavior. It is behavior that worries me. I heard on the radio that people believe that Britain is becoming more rude and unpleasant. Maybe the two are linked.

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2 thoughts on “Trash Bag Kittens”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    People can be so very cruel, our much loved late Bryan was put in a carrier bag when he was a tiny kitten, with a brick in too and left in a pond to drown:
    It was only by good luck that some children saw the bag moving and rescued him.
    I don’t know how anyone could walk away and leave one kitten to die, let alone whole litters of beautiful kittens.
    Yes British people do seem to be becoming more rude and unpleasant….. why?
    We all have our problems and our struggles but surely the thing to do is to help each other if we can, but some people just don’t seem to care, the Good Samaritans are getting fewer and animals are suffering more than ever.
    Many humans are no longer humane!

  2. People without morals or a heart who just see a problem for themselves and are too lazy to deal with it correctly so they they deal with it cruelly.

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