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Treating Cat Behavior Problems With Drugs — 6 Comments

  1. The list of possible side effects from Clomipramine is scary!
    I agree with Michael, drugging the cat is not a long term solution, it wouldn’t be fair to keep him on medication for life yet if stopped, as soon as it wears off he’s sure to return to his old behaviour.
    Some cats just don’t like other cats, just like us if we take a dislike to someone we can avoid them, but cats living together can’t do that.
    I agree again with Michael, the only solution is to rehome the bully cat to someone without a cat already, he needs to be a single cat, meanwhile keep them apart rather than drug him.

  2. I have a 20 cat sanctuary. One of the male neutered cats is trying to kill another male neutered cat. I’ve tried all the solutions. My vet prescribed 2.5 mg Clomipramine daily. What do you think?

    • Great question and thanks for asking it! I will presume that you have tried all natural ways of resolving the dispute. The problem is that you have rescued two males who don’t get on. Rescuing the cats is great and I love that. But the selection of cats in the sanctuary was not chosen by the cats but by chance. In nature these two males would not be together. I wonder if one could be rehomed. I am probably talking out of turn etc but I don’t think you can quieten one down by putting him on a long term drug treatment. It seems unfair and unhealthy but I guess it is better than him being euthanised somewhere. If there was sufficient space these two would not have to share the same home range. They each need their own home range. I think you should try and find a different home for one of them.

  3. I really like the videos too, I love the way you speak so seriously and the way you get the message over, this is important information, cats being cats are nor misbehaving, they are behaving as cats are meant to behave.

  4. I love your videos Michael, you take the welfare of cats so seriously and anyone watching should surely learn a lot from you!
    The cat is not to blame for eliminating or scratching in the wrong place, as you say it’s always something we have done.
    Sedatives, like punishment, are NEVER the answer, we need to put ourselves in the cat’s place and work out why a behavioural issue is happening and then work out how to put it right.
    All drugs have side effects and it’s unfair to force a cat to take sedatives when that cat can’t tell us if his head is aching or whatever other side effects he feels.

    • Thanks Ruth. I suspect not everyone will like them. However, I believe that people who have websites should talk to their visitors and should say what they believe without fear.

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