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Turned Up Cat Whiskers! — 12 Comments

  1. What a beautiful cat, magnificent whiskers! I always remember a cat who used to come and board with us in the cattery part of the vets I worked at many years ago. He was a cream Persian and he had the longest thickest turned up whiskers ever! I used to secretly call him Jimmy Edwards, can anyone remember him, he was a famous comedian with a very bushy moustache, that cat was the pot model of him lol

  2. Michael, I can’t remember having read the page about Siberians that you link at the top of the article. It’s really great. Seems like Siberians and Maine coons share personality traits.

    • There is a big question mark as to whether they are two breeds! The cat fancy has blurred the boundaries between cats (the mashup) and left the origins far behind. I wrote the Siberian cat page about 5 years ago now. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun.

  3. Hi marc!

    Kind of you to think of Tootsie. I can’t remember how I found Inke’s photostream on flickr, but we are now contacts. It’s rare to see photos of Siberians on flickr.

    I was interested b/c of the fact that Siberians and Maine coons (and Norwegian forest cats) got scooped up by the cat fancy, having previously evolved in a natural environment.

    I flickr- mailed Inke saying how much her pictures of Fussel reminded me of Tootsie in many respects, though I could see differences as well.

    • Oh that’s nice – you made contact. I don’t very often see such nice fur like that. I mean with the smokey colouring, it’s a bit unusual and it looks really very nice. I think Tootsie has a ever so slightly longer face – if my memory serves me right. By the way I hope things are going ok with Tootsie’s visitors and social life 🙂

      • Hi Michael, I hadn’t picked up on the possibility that Fussel (cat in pictures) had smoke element in her coloring, but I see what you mean now.

        Interesting b/c Tootsie’s sire was a Black Smoke, while dam looks very similar to Tootsie. I can def. see the “smoke” element in Tootsie’s coat, and I think you may have in fact pointed this out to me.

          • Thanks for your nice comments. Fussel is really a very special cat, and not only because of her whiskers 🙂
            You asked for the colour: I had a look in her papers and it says she is “black silver mackerel tabby”. But the last two years her face got this little beige touch, so maybe this is not correct anymore.

            • Thanks for visiting. We think Fussel is a special cat too 😉 in many ways. Black silver mackerel tabby it is then but I don’t see any stripes that are typical of the mackerel tabby pattern. What I see is a smoke effect coat with dark coloration above a paler coloration lower down some of the hair strands. However, it is not really clear except I don’t see a mackerel tabby! But one thing I do see is a stunning and special cat so thanks for letting me publish your excellent photos on my site.

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