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Tuxedo Cat With Steely Blue Eyes — 13 Comments

  1. I have a cat similar to this one. Black with blue eyes. He has a few tiny white patches, a locket on his neck and a few on his underside. His eyes do not reflect blue. He is a melanistic Siamese mix. His brother looks like a regular Siamese and his eyes do reflect red. Iv also have a long haired black cat with blue eyes, which strongly reflect red.

  2. Beautiful looking cat. His face and body shape seem to be “foreign” so perhaps he has inherited the gene for “siamese blue” eyes rather than the gene for Ojoz Azules?

  3. He is amazing. And he has the best character! The day I got him, he came out of his box after 12 hours (Athens-Crete by boat), and immediately got along with my other animals (4 dogs and 3 cats). He is just perfect! And if someone is interested, his sister (black with blue eyes as well) is still waiting to be adopted…

    • I did not know where you lived but it does not surprise me that you live on Crete because the way he looks is very definitely not the way cats in the UK, mainland Norther Europe and America look.

      I am pleased he has a nice character too. When I look at him I expect to see yellow eyes. For that reason he may have the Ojos Azules trait.

      Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. Beautiful cat – very special looking – I do love the contrast of black and white together. This cat is very special looking though – very thin with legs set wide apart, somehow stocky yet thin and with beautiful eyes – stunning.

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