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Two Black and White Cats 405 Years Apart — 7 Comments

  1. The Earl and his cat have the same expression on their faces and he is wearing a light coloured collar leaving a V which matches the cat’s white bib.
    What’s more, his hand without a glove is painted white.
    It’s almost as if the artist has painted the close relationship of the two!
    Yes, the Earl being so clever so young shows that true cat lovers really are the most intelligent people.

  2. Excellent – you are right, he must have ordered that the cat be in the painting. What a good sign of the cat times that is. It’s a perfectly symmetrical tuxedo – probably of his choosing since it is so perfect. I doubt the artist made it up? I wonder, but its an absolutely perfectly balanced coat. Notice how it has a black chin as do some of them. My Gigi doesn’t. And it has perfect little white paws. Must have been a stunning cat no doubt what with it being chosen for the aristocracy. ‘Socrates’ – LOL – good one Michael.. I bet you are right. I also agree it is an interesting question, to know the names they gave cats in the past. Yours is a good guess no doubt. ‘Socrates’ – however the short version being ‘Socks’ to make note of his rather perfect white socks 🙂

    Now this cat was probably fed the perfect diet. He or she had the perfect life no doubt. No cars and being England, no serious predators, no freaks with shotguns and a huge pad to wander around and probably a nice big fireplace to sit by in winter. Better life than is possible for a cat to have today perhaps, at least without a great deal luck and effort to find the right food and not live in amonst predators and roads. To be honest I’m rather jealous. Probably a very healthy and intelligent cat. I must say I do like the fact of this painting existing as it does. I never really knew or considered the period of the Tudors and the Stuarts in the context of domestic cats. This must have been pre- Armada and Elizabeth? I’m not sure but it’s sad a cat person died fighting the Spanish. I wonder if cats lived longer lives back then in the right circumstances than they do today. It wouldn’t suprise me in the slightest. Very interesting 🙂

    • Yes, I think the domestic cat was probably better off then. As you say no damn cars for a start, just carts and horses – no real danger there. And “Socrates” may well have been chosen by the Earl because of his beautiful coat. Food? Probably left overs from the meat platter! Veterinary treatment: none. If he was a healthy cat his life would have been pretty good and long.

      I have a very strong feeling that this distinguished Earl really liked the domestic cat. He may have had more than one cat and he chose the black and white with the Zorro mask for the painting.

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