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Two Kittens Rescued From Car Engine Compartment Are Adopted — 4 Comments

  1. These two kittens are so very lucky not to have been mangled by the car engines.

    That’s a good suggestion about making engine compartments inaccessible to cats and other small animals.

    I’m pleased that Halfords finally make an antifreeze with bitterant added. It apparently only costs less than 1p per litre to do this and that’s at the retail price.

    There have been several campaigns over the years to make it compulsory for manufacturers to add s bitterant. The government have never been interested in legislating for this.

    I read once that most anti freeze is imported from China, and it would fall to the importers to add the bitterant.

    There’s also a very slightly less toxic to cats version, I can’t remember the name, but it’s similar to ethylene glycol which is the really toxic one

    Every year our vets see several fatal poisonings from this stuff.

    Once again, cars and irresponsible people are enemies of cats 🙁


    • It is possible to install,installing an underpanel keeps cats out of your engine bay, gives you faster warm up times, reduces your car’s aerodynamic drag, and keeps the mud and salt out so you can keep a cleaner engine.

  2. Why can’t people just give a damn for a change and spay and neuter their animals. Why are people so lazy. They want to watch tv and not spend money at the vet I guess. People shouldn’t be allowed to have animals in their homes if they can’t be responsible.

    I wish animals were treated as important as children.

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