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Two Lost Cats — 7 Comments

  1. OMG! I hope both are safe.
    I am most disturbed about the first – both with the caretaker AND the owner. Like Ruth AKA, I am blown away that the caretaker is so casual. I would be a mess if I lost someone’s cat.
    The owner is really baffling to me. I am on friendly terms with some of my neighbors but would never let them care for my cat. If I weren’t able to have professional caretaking, then I would only leave my cat with someone that I felt I could trust with my life!

  2. Oh how awful for both of those lost and probably confused cats, one looking for his mum and the other one looking for his home, I hope they’re both safe and eventually found. Both types are also prone to someone taking a fancy to them because of their breed. But pedigree or moggy I hate to think of cats lost and roaming. The few times I have cared for a friend’s cat while he was in hospital I was most careful to make sure she was safely in the flat. Your new flat sounds nice Michael, away from the road, I hope Charlie gets to enjoy his outings with you again once you’re settled.

  3. Oh god I’m most worried about the first lost cat. The LaPerm. That is awful – it has gone off looking for home. This makes me so scared for the poor cat.

    • Imagine a crinkly coated cat wandering around a part of London. What chance. LaPerms look quite different. Could easily be stolen. Pick her up and take her home. Goodbye cat. The photo below is copyright Helmi Flick. Quite noticeable fur. This is an American show cat.

  4. How can some people be so casual about a lost cat? Not that I’d ever lose someone’s cat as I make damn sure I keep them safe, but if I was someone who did I’d be frantic and doing everything I could to find the cat before the person who had trusted me returned.
    I hope those two cats are found, I hope posters are up and everyone looking out for them.
    Cats Protection run a lost and found of course and give lots of good advice.
    Personally Babz and I would never go away together because we simply wouldn’t trust anyone at all to look after our boyz, they are more important than any holiday.

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