UK: Feeding Rescued Cats

Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary: here are some pictures of the quality cat food supplied to this animal sanctuary in the north of England thanks to the generosity of Marc in Switzerland and the efforts of Michael and Ruth and Babz in England via (PoC) plus all the great PoCers.

If you are new to this story please start here. The start of the this journey of giving to cats in need is a memorial to Red.

Cat Food for a cat shelter
Cat Food for a cat shelter. Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Marc wanted to make sure Kays Hill received a donation. Ruth had the idea to send some cat food as it means cats benefit in an animal sanctuary. Michael (owner of PoC) bought the cat food from Amazon UK. It was delivered promptly by Amazon to Ruth and Babz and then forwarded on to Kays Hill. This is team work.

Well, here is the cat food with Kevin and Leanne who own and manage Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary. The poster is by Ruth. I think the photo is by Barbara.

Kays Hill Aniimal Sanctuary receive charitable donation of cat food from PoC
Kevin and Leanne of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary with the cat food from PoC (Marc and Michael).

For me it is superb to see our efforts directly benefiting cats in need in the UK. This makes all the effort worthwhile. It is really is a team effort though. There are a lot of people involved.

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  1. The pictures were taken at night, with flash, through a window. That was the only way to do it since on previous occasions going outside had startled her and she ran off. Anyway it does show her salient features. I have only seen her tail disappearing round a corner a couple of times recently, so obvious;ly she is not very friendly and probably feral. Not to worry. My lovely pure-white Van kedisi Kars took a full year to become a regular visitor after the first encounter, and his nature is trusting an friendly. Winning the confidence of this new one will be quite a challenge.

  2. Hi Marc I have sent 2 pictures of the new red Angora to Michael I have to go now so I don’t have time to figure out how to post it here.

    The pictures:

    Red Turkish Angora Cat

  3. Marc you are a big-hearted person and I congratulate you on helping out these people and their poor cats and kittens. I gave up long ago buying nicely-packaged small bags of cat food. The situation here demands heavier stuff than that. I now buy their food in 15 and 20 kg bags at 55TL and 85TL respectively and 3 & 4 kg bags of “La Cat” which they just love. That way money is left over for extras like chicken and chicken liver, and all kinds of goodies. We are so lucky here. They have just dropped the price of “La Cat” dry food from Israel and often promotional bags of 4 kg are available. With 30 cats and kittens to feed It becomes important be cost effective whilst giving them what they want. It seems like cat food is big business here as Cyprus has a very large population of community cats many of which are the original Turkish Angoras(DNA tested). Just today I discovered a marvellous tabby Angora at the Doner City restaurant, and there is an even more astounding solid-red Angora female that sometimes comes to my house looking for a meal. And so it goes on.
    PS. It also helps that the EU were not allowed to loot the bank accounts of private citizens here in the north unlike those poor devils in S Cyprus. I guess that act of daylight robbery is the beginning of the end for the EU. US$ 1 = 1.85TL.

    • You might be right there but I hope it’s not the beginning of the end for the EUR. It’s nice to have extra money for some raw food I am sure. A nice idea.

      I’d love to see a photo of the red female Angora – she sounds pretty special. If there were cats wandering around here I am sure I would be feeding them too. I guess that’s partly why I decided to donate money elsewhere since we don’t have homeless cats around where I live – I’ve not seen even one in the total of 5 years I lived in Switzerland.

  4. i would like to personally thank all involved with this we at kays hill are so greatful that you chose to help us support our cats in care, kays hill are finding ourselves in an uncomfortable place with this long period of financial uncertainty which we understand has been world wide, but with the help of loyal animal loving friends who help and support us i know we will move on and offer a brighter future for so many unloved and abandoned cats and kittens, we are finding that as money has been tight for the general public people are not getting cats neutered as a priority hence a kitten explosion once again , its difficult turning away so many cats on a daily basis we just pray one day someone will hear our plea and help us grow bigger for the sake of all unwanted soles , i know i can not do this alone it can only move on with your support, i have a fantastic team of volunteers who work bloody hard both daily in sanctuary and behind the sens and i would like them all to know non of this would be possible without them
    thanks for reading my wofle kevin
    and leanne will be in touch soon

    • Kevin I’m glad it’s been helpful – I’d like to help some more further down the line. It must be awful having to turn cats away. I can’t imagine what that’s like actually. It’s worse because of the financial crisis too. I think everybody on here is thankful for everything you do. Donating a bit of food is the least we can do actually.

  5. Yes Barbara took the photo, I was standing in the doorway and didn’t realise I’d got in it too lol
    Kevin and Leanne were very happy to call for the food today and were telling us about all the many cats and kittens they have and more coming in, even more than usual and people keep on phoning every day wanting rid of their cats.
    It’s heart breaking, cats are family, how can some people just dispose of them like unwanted possessions!

  6. yay – I love this photo and I’m so happy they have gotten something they need so quickly and easily. Doing this has made me want to do it again next year for sure but maybe something else a little different sooner even. This landed on the first of the month for me so in that sense it worked very well moneywise but it also made me realise that I can manage without some of the money I am used to getting from work. This month is an experiment in a way – how is life with a big chunk of money gone and I think it’s so worth giving up some luxuries and money wasted for a good cause like this. By my calculations I am going to be fine. I will start saving up for another fundraiser so moneywise I am prepared in advance for it ahead of time.

    So all in all I have come to the conclusion I want to do this again in some way and I will have to find a reason or theme and make another article so we can do this again. It’s been a learning experience. I’m glad to be of some usefulness to cats and people other than my own cats who get everything they want and some.

    • It is good to see donations getting right to the cats in need. I hope you read the comment from the Indian animal sanctuary in Goa. They were thrilled and said your $200 would pay the vet tech’s salary for the entire month 😉 Love that. Money goes a lot further in the less developed countries.

    • marc you are a star for thinking of us like this, we really do appreciate your generosity and kindness. however, i have to comment on the dreadful photo!! haha. lovely pic of the cat food. no problems there. nice pic of you trying to hide in the background there ruth. no problems. but what the hell do me and kevin look like????? is it possible for two people to look so scruffy and dirty in a photo? if id realised i looked that mucky i’d have hid behind your wall! plus i’m all sunburned. god! what a sight. never mind hopefully people will be more focused on your generous gift marc to notice a couple of manky northeners!!! i am planning to write something for poc asap. all been a bit hectic lately but will try. promise. can i say thank you to michael, ruth and barbara for all your kindness too. you know how much your help means to us here.

      • ‘what the hell do me and kevin look like?’

        You look like two hard working, caring, compassionate animal lovers and we all know that you are both beautiful inside and out, so stop running yourself down Mrs or I will have to use ‘nip therapy’ on you!

        • oh dear! dont want to risk the famous ‘nip therapy’ i’ve heard too much about it!! lol. you have to admit though we do look mucky. i suppose mucking out in the heat is’nt going to make you look very clean. i have started a page for poc 3 times now and keep getting disturbed. if i can get a sentence a day done i’ll be done in a month or two!!

          • Well we can all look forward to that Leanne 🙂
            Anyway we know you scrub up well when you need to lol
            I wonder what happened to your admirer Ed who wanted you to wear peep toe wellies?

          • you have to admit though we do look mucky

            You look mucky for one good reason: you are saving lives and there is no better reason. I like people who look mucky. It is real and you know something good is going on if the mucky people are working in an animal sanctuary. Love what you do.

            • thank you michael. it seems even hotter today and we look even worse!! however we dont really mind being scruffy, kevins jeans today are more hole than jean. lol. we have had 4 tiny little hoglets brought in today (hedgehog babies) they need to be fed a milk substitute regularly. they had been left on the lawn of a house for a day and a half because the lady was advised to leave them alone. the trouble is it is really hot at the moment so they were quite dehydrated. they have taken their first feed with us quite well so we are hoping they will make it. everyone keep your fingers x’d. we are busy with cats and kittens galore just now as well as all the other animals of course. we have had a golden retriever pup brought in today because he is too boisterous with the kids, we’re hoping to find him his new family asap. he’s very friendly just a little ‘untrained’


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