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USA: Texas Cat Show — 3 Comments

  1. I hate cat shows with a passion, have done ever since I had to go with the duty vet to one when I first started vet nursing.
    Poor little cats shut in cages for hours after being primped and preened by their ‘owners’ and poked by vets, they have to sit there as a peep show amidst the noise of people ooohing and aahing !
    Yes I know some say cats enjoy it, but do they? We all know cats accept everything that happens to them because they have no choice.
    It’s not a cats ideal life, they don’t care about the glory of winning, only the ‘owners’ do that!

    • I don’t like seeing cats locked up in cages either – especially in rooms full of noise and people – it must be long and hard for them, and then they probably travelled a long way to get there – so they probably spend nights in hotel rooms and so on. This is not a viable lifestyle for a cat – it’s purely for the humans.

  2. The mention of.-“I like the picture because it has the flavor of a US cat show. They are rather functional and noisy places. They are noisy because they are often held in warehouse environments with lots of metal surfaces on the walls and ceiling and the floor is hard concrete. The sound reflects off these surfaces.” reminds me of a cat show in Larnaca , Cyprus which contrasts very markedly. The Show hall was a magnificent place built in yellow Cyprus stone with massive wooden beams and decorated with historical photographs and drawings. The bar and the latte coffee were very good too.

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