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USA’s Lax Approach To Cosmetics Animal Testing — 3 Comments

  1. I dont want to bash other countries anymore – just to say a country that feeds it’s own people food that is unhealthy and illegal in other develpoped countries like genetically modified fruits and vegetables.. AND that food doesn’t have to be labelled as containing GM ingredients clearly isn’t going to worry about the animals. They don’t even give their own people the choice to know what they are eating – I know I harp on this specific point, but I find it a shocking form of capitalist corruption that promotes economic growth at ANY cost. To think the same government that allows that sort of thing to go on would do anything about animal welfare is like thinking I am going to get a ride home on a unicorn after work today. Not going to happen.

  2. To say America is supposed to be so much more advanced than our little island, the way animals are treated there is shocking!
    Do they have many animal welfare campaigners there as we do here?
    We campaign long and hard for ours and although it takes a long long time and improvements are slow, every single one is a step forward.
    It took years to get hunting with dogs banned and years to get our pet welfare law and years to get cosmetic testing banned but it’s the only way to progress. People need to speak out, don’t just think you can do nothing, because if we all thought that then animal welfare would never inprove.
    Take declawing, since it’s been brought out into the open how cruel it is and now more people are being educated about it, more are fighting for a ban.
    We’ve a long way to go in the UK yet until all animals are better cared for and better treated and the only way to ensure that happens is to keep on educating and campaigning.

    • Well, it shocks me too that America appears to have no thoughts or regrets or any ambitions on animal welfare. If they allow animal cosmetics testing you cannot say that the people who run the country care about animal welfare because animal testing for cosmetics is at the bottom rung of the animal abuse ladder.

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