Ugly baldy bigotted waste of human skin

From Barbara

Mayor Gendron
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Gendron. He likes to drive his car over cats…

Who on Earth voted for this ignorant manshead to be mayor? The mucky, puny looking apology for a human being should be sent to work in the sewers where he belongs.

One cat has more integrity in a single whisker than this creep has in his entire ugly body, he’s a premeditated murderer and I agree he should be in the stocks and would add that cat s*** should be rubbed into his knowing, sardonic, unshaved face.

The story: Mayor enjoys driving over kittens

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Thanks Barbara. Every decent minded person would agree with you…Michael

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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8 Responses

  1. Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

    They might vote him out now that they know his true character. A Wisconsin community, but I can’t remember which town so I won’t say, booted out their mayor in the middle of his term last year for being a drunk, philandering jackass. Sometimes we elect people without knowing their true character. We just see the flashy marketing and they tell us what our itching ears want to hear. Once in office it is NOT too late. It’s called a recall election. Time to recall this guy.

    • Michael says:

      Recall him and stick him in the stocks in the town square and throw something soft and nasty at him. Then stick him in some sort of re-education center where they re-programme the human brain. I don’t mind if electrodes are used. Please.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        What a good idea Michael, to re-programme human brains, I wish that was possible because then eventually all evil and hatred would be wiped out.

      • Leah says:

        What a great idea Michael even better tie him up in the road and drive a car at him stopping a a few inches from his evil, mean ugly face.

  2. Rose says:

    lol Barbara I love your description of that horrible cruel man and I would hate to meet him in real life because he’s the sort I just want to punch right in the face but if I did then I’d get arrested.

  3. Dee (Florida) says:

    Another sadistic sociopath! And, an authority figure to boot.
    You are right on Barbara.

  4. Harvey Harrison says:

    It’s interesting to observe that a real nasty person often looks the part. There are the examples of Hitler, and his whole crew of hobgoblins, Stalin, etc. who all look just right for the part they played in history. I know it’s a generalisation but his character Gendron would not look out of place in any rogues gallery or the trials at Nuremberg. I wonder what the citizens of Huntingdon see in him.

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    Yes I agree too, you described that scumbag exactly Barbara lol

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