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Unethical Attempt To Stop Cheap Spay and Neuter — 3 Comments

  1. I am disgusted by this group. Horrified at the corruption in the world too. I have heard another bad thing the veterinarians of America are trying to do. They are trying to ban the production of raw food so people can choose to buy it for their cats if they want. They say its dangerous. Of course there is a danger of poisoning in raw foods but they are trying to stop producers of frozen raw cat foods. I suspect this is because behind them are the big business cat food companies who will loose out if people start realising how bad alot of thier food is and if people turn to raw. When you go to the vet you often see Hills have basically sponsored the entire practice and the vet always ‘prescribes’ Hills food. These big food companies have no shame. They will do anything, including getting the veterinarians of America association or some such group, to advise making the sale of raw foods for cats illegal. CAN you imagine what horrid people they are to be doing things like that. They dont care about anything. How can they even get up in the morning. They probably have awful lives. I have always thought karma is a game of consequence and people like that suffer albeit that they get their damn money which wont make them happy. I HATE them for being so corrupt at the expense of animals! Its an outrage. As is this story about low cost spay and neuter programs.

    I’m sorry but I just get so angry when vets go around ruining the lives of animals and people. They hide behind their stupid degrees and titles like the illuminati or something when all they know to do is to luck stuff up in books, like all doctors. So what. Sure after years of experience they get prety good at it but I dont think having a degree in somethin glike that is special. They suck for being corrupt and people out there probably trust them because they are ‘vets’.

  2. How unethical of those vets to try to stop cheaper neutering, they obviously put making money before the welfare of cats. They must know there are too many cats being killed every day because of un-neutered cats breeding and the kittens being unwanted.
    Maybe they were unhappy too about being unable to push neutering/declawing packages if people who go to non profit organisations, afer all declawing makes them even more money, at the time of the surgery and the subsequent visits to them with problems from the declawing.
    It’s not as if they don’t make plenty of money already out of clients, but thats what it seems to be all about, making more and more!

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