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  1. Wouldn’t that be great! We all hate regulation in the areas we are not concerned about and yet we want it in certain areas we are concerned about. It just goes to prove that all regulation is there for a reason and it’s often just that we don’t really fully understand why it’s there. With such regulation as proposed above there would be plenty of people who would think its just annoying and stupid but thats always going to be the case with any regulation. So then why shouldn’t this area deserve regulation just like just about every other area of our lives and animal’s lives.

    • Yes, for me the key thing about regulations and laws is that they create habits and the habits they help create are better than the habits people had before the regulations came into force. There are many examples of this. Drink driving is one. People are more responsible. In the past most drunk people drove cars after parties.

  2. Nicely done Michael. The fact that you say the human world is evolving etc. denotes hope. If you can dream up such a department while in bed, just thinking about the plight of our furry friends- I think it will happen. Probably not in our lifetime. Just keep thinking Michael. Every little bit we do helps. You are doing a lot.


    • Thanks dw. The things I listed are the things that always come up in discussion. They stare me in face. Of course they government don’t see the problems in the same way if at all. Perhaps one politician will read it one day and a seed may be sown. I didn’t write it for that. I wrote it for the fun of it.

  3. The problem is, Michael, that no government program ever goes away when it’s no longer needed. It becomes a monster as the people working there struggle to justify their own existence, creating stricter and stricter codes so they have something to enforce. Also, I don’t think people are evolving and getting better. I think we started off good, rebelled against God, and it’s all been downhill from there. But that doesn’t give us an excuse not to keep trying. We’re accountable for what we personally do in an increasingly more evil world. The evil we are confronted with will never give up, so neither can we. No animal abuser will simply stop without intervention fron somewhere. That could come from the long arm of the law, but it could be from a friend who calls attention to the person’s cold hearted actions speaks the truth in love. That’s what I try to do with friends who declaw their cats or those who are not the best caretakers (like allowing their kids to chase the cat around.) We may start small, but we can all do something.

  4. I was getting all excited, ready to contact that department. I used to really hate all government regulations and codes but then we became friends with some people who worked as building inspectors. I came to see how their work is important and even saves lives. I will say that codes that are too stringent don’t help, because people then have an incentive to get around the code instead of following it. Laws too strict are seldom enforced. But no codes at all and you have buildings coming down on peoples’ heads. Literally, at times. Codes for railings on stairs and things like that give poor people with disabilities some leverage against landlords who otherwise might not help them. I also don’t like government regulation, but people bring it in themselves at times. The deplorable facilities that pass for animal shelters and the sadistic creeps who work there are bringing this upon themselves. Sadly, some good shelters are going to get hurt if codes are made too strict. This will impose a burden which they may not be able to afford. But maybe we need to live with some of those unintended consequences in order to get rid of some of the really deplorable practices currently in place at so-called shelters.

    • Thanks for your comment Ruth. I really trust your thoughts. The way I see it is that now in the present we need regulations but they can be wound down eventually when people are more willing to do the right thing themselves. The human world is still a unorganized, undeveloped and evolving place.

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