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Using Video To Rehome Shelter Cats — 3 Comments

  1. Michael, great article. Some might be offended by the “cats as products” angle, but this is the reality.

    I would add this: not necessary to get specialized video camera. A friend was posting very good cat videos on flickr, and I asked him what camera he was using.

    It was a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS. I went to my favorite camera place on the internet (will only apply to those in the US), B&H, and checked out the camera. At the time, it was $200 (discounted, but that was for the red version). Current price at B&H is $226. Shipping is free, as it was when I bought mine. B&H is in New York, and only New York. This is relevant b/c of US sales tax laws. If I were in NY state, I would have to pay sales tax. Add 8-10% to the price. Or, if I bought it via Amazon (which is every where) or at a local store, same deal- add 8-10% to the price.

    Even though I grew up with SLRs, I’ve grown to love my little Canon PowerShot SX260 HS. I’ve been very pleased using it for video. I think you might have seen some of the Tootsie vids.

    • Yes, the reference to “products” is difficult to digest but if shelters marketed cats as well as business marketed their products it would save some lives. What I am saying is in respect of saving lives it is better to treat the cats as products to be sold. In respect of treatment the shelter should treat them as beautiful creatures. That is the point I am making. It is an important point.

      As to cameras, I agree with you. However, the Flip is so damn easy to use and it comes with video making software. The making (editing) of the video is the hard bit. Flip makes it easy.

      • I agree – the business world is purely objective so to market a product it matters not what the product is. To reach a compatible level of advertising words like ‘product’ become a part of it.

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