Veterinary Madness Perpetuates Animal Cruelty

It is mad. Totally mad; that a veterinarian whose duty towards his patients is to improve their health and welfare can lobby New York state’s legislature with the intention of preventing a bill passing into law that would ban devocalisation of dogs and cats unless it was required for genuine health reasons. In other words vets are against a law that bans devocalisation for the pleasure of the dog or cat’s onwer. In any civilised society the bill would already be law.

We are told by a number of animal welfare organisations that the legislation currently going through the NY state legislative process has stalled –  “stuck in a Senate committee, kept there by lawmakers who yielded to lobbies that profit from devocalization.” (source CPRPets).

Who are these people who profit from devocalisation, a cruel and dangerous operation? I racked my brains to try and answer that question. It has to be the veterinarians of New York State supported and represented by their august body the New York State Veterinary Medical Society (NYSVMS).

But how important in terms of financial profit is the devocalisation operation to the veterinarians of New York state? The operation must be relatively rare, surely.

If it is fairly rare (God willing) then the only reason why vets are opposed to this bill is because it represents the thin end of the wedge. They are frightened that if there is a ban on devocalisation there will be a ban on declawing and then their beloved profession that they so comprehensively abuse will be determined by people other then themselves which incidentally is exactly what should happen because the veterinarians are clearly unable to make moral decisions that supports their precious oath which has become worthless.

Can someone tell me who else benefits from devocalising a dog or cat other than the cruel owner who requests the operation? Am I missing something?

If you have time and live in America please see if you can do as requested to try and get this proposed legislation on the statute books.

The NYSVMS promotes the practice of veterinary medicine, animal well-being, and…”

That is on their website! How cynical can you guys get? You can see a video here on YouTube.

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