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Veterinary Treatment for Cats 1900 — 8 Comments

  1. Very interesting Michael I found it particularly enlightening that the first thought was for the cat.

    I can’t understand either why people don’t take their pet to the vet ASAP. There’s also the Blue Cross for people on benefits and I’m sure there’s another charity for those who are struggling on the bread line.

  2. It’s a good thing vet medicine has moved on but not so good vets often order expensive tests rather than trying to diagnose and treat cats without putting them through the stress and fear of it.

    • The trouble is that vets are businesses. This can change the way they operate. It can work against good veterinary care.

      I always think it is wrong to make build a business around a companion animal. Best welfare will always be compromised by profit.

  3. This was especially interesting to me Michael as when I first started working for vets almost 50 years ago, although veterinary medicine had moved on a lot from 1900 it wasn’t of course as far advanced as it is now.
    Part of my training was in the dispensary and making up bottled medicines, we still spelled diarrhoea that way and kaolin was the base ingredient for it. There wasn’t all the tests there are now, although we did have a basic X Ray machine and I learned to use it and to develop them in a dark room.
    The vets listened to their clients those days and carefully examined the animal, where as nowadays almost their first thought is ‘tests’
    A downside was we did a lot of ‘exploratory laparotomies’ because we didn’t have endoscopes to look inside a pet without surgery.
    As the years went by, veterinary medicine did advance a lot by I retired and has moved on a lot more since and now it’s more about prevention rather than cure.
    You are right though, the biggest problem is getting people to take their cat to the vet especially now so many people are struggling to survive as everything is so much more expensive and money very tight.

    • I found your comment interesting in the way it described how vets’ behavior has changed from listening to the client to tests. I guess in the old tests were not so available so the vet became skilled at diagnosing from listening. There is a lot to be said for that technique today.

  4. Yes, I believe you are right. Get your cat to a vettery, promptly. That said, castor oil [WATCH THE DOSAGE!],. Give your kitten/cat not water, but ricewater to drink. (Cook rice, give the cat nothing but ricewater to drink…until diarrhea ceases.

  5. Michael, I think that the first three, at least, dealt with parasites. Watch the feces and the butt…whatever is in there will manifest itself if you are looking.

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