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Vets Make Billions From Declawing Cats — 13 Comments

  1. I agree Rudolph it’s not fair that the vets should take all the blame but most of the Americans fighting for a ban do so because a lot of vets advertise declawing and encourage people to do it. Vet techs have lost their jobs for telling clients the truth that declawing is major surgery, declawing vets like to keep that fact hidden.
    Many vet’s receptionists have been instructed to offer declawing to a client booking a kitten in for neutering, people who may not have ever thought of having that done.
    But yes the cats caretakers are to blame too, because anyone who would think about having a cat without claws isn’t a fit person to have a cat in their lives, it’s so obvious that cats are born with claws because they need them.
    It’s the ‘agreeing to do whatever the doctor thinks best’ mentality without asking questions or doing any research for themselves that people here in England can’t understand, nor that any vet would ever make money by breaking their sworn oath and surgically mutilating a cat and therefore causing him to suffer.

    • It’s the ‘agreeing to do whatever the doctor thinks best’ mentality

      I agree. This is the point I am making. The vets lead the way really. They are leaders in this two party process with a third party victim, the cat.

      The customer listens to the vet for advice and leadership on cat welfare. It is in their hands to change course and customers will follow in time.

  2. Mind-blowing financial statistics of the average Vets income in U.S.A due to “Cat De-Clawing”.Cat owners should be blamed and not the Vets as it is the “Cat Owners” that are keeping the “De-CLAWING” business alive. I personally feel its wrong to put all the blame on the Vets just because they perform the surgical “De-Clawing Operation” as a source of income, typical business for a doctor.

    • I do agree that they have to make a living etc. but…the vet should be more knowledgeable than the customer and I feel the vet has the primary responsibility to make the changes – to stop declawing. The vets are meant to be educated, all of them are; and they should make decisions on questions of ethics and morals.

  3. I was just outside with Monty. I lifted him from the roof of the shed and put him next to his favorite tree, still holding him in my arms. He stretched up and exercised his claws on the tree and then suddenly he was scrambling way up above me. Later when he climbed down I watched him make his way down the whole trunk of the tree to the ground. It was just so amazing. I love watching him climb. Without his claws he couldn’t go up and down his favorite tree. How could anyone even think it would be ok to take that away from him? Why would anyone prefer to live with a cat who can’t do all the amazing things a cat with claws can do?

  4. People here in England are shocked too, even those who don’t particularly like cats get upset at the thought of declawing and thats before they know it’s not ‘just’ the claws removed.
    It’s so unthinkable to mutilate a cat that way and the USA declawing vets must know that vets in other countries are disgusted that they do it. They totally let down the veterinary profession by their greed and cruelty.

  5. The reason why its ‘europe and israel’ and not the rest of the world is simply because the rest of the world hasn’t even thought of something as disgusting because most people don’t look at declawing as within the realm of possibility. Just to give you an example, I have told people who don’t even care about cats that it exists and they are shocked and appalled. That in itself has got to mean something. Even a person who has no feeling for animals can see the simple fact that cats have and should have and need claws. Would you remove and Elephants trunk? NO – what the hell is wrong with people. How could they even THINK of doing such a thing so they can have real live teddy bears in their stoopid ugly houses – argh!

  6. Disgusting – that it was even thought of and that the people who should know best do it with there hands. They will do it until law prevents them.

  7. No wonder the USA and Canadian declaw vets advertise neuter/declaw packages and declawing with discount, they can well afford to encourage people by knocking a bit of money off as they make so much out of this legalised abuse of cats.
    They know full well how it affects cats but they don’t give a damn about their suffering, they must be really smirking when clients agree to it and when they return with the complications, but even then they deny that declawing causes physical and mental problems to cats.

    As long as it’s legal and people agree to it when the vets suggest it and as long as people ask for it, those greedy corrupt vets won’t give up making their blood money.

    The AVMA don’t care about cats either, it’s a terrible disgusting situation and the only thing to do is keep on as we are, educating as many people as possible as to the truth of declawing.

    It’s heartbreaking that it will take so long for this culture shift because meanwhile cats are suffering now and will keep on suffering as long as this takes us to stop it.

  8. You are right, Michael, it’s all on the vets to stop it. The culture shift is happening, but it will take a long time.
    I don’t understand why vets don’t sell things to help cats keep their claws– scratching posts, cat nip spray and citrus scented spray to attract/repel cats to/from surfaces that are scratched upon, double sided sticky tape to protect surfaces, those cardboard scratching mats which help wear down cat’s nails naturally, nail clippers with little booklets of how to trim a cat’s nails or a yearly fee to cover the vet doing it so many times in the course of a year… The money to he made from a cat with claws seems limitless to me.

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