Video: Tabby in Long Grass

This is a boring video of a really nice spotted tabby cat in long grass 🙂 Nothing happens! Don’t expect fireworks. Don’t desire hype and bling. It ain’t here.

I just like the contrast of textures: the cat’s coat and the long wispy grass. I like the naturalness. I like wind. I like grass. I like cats. I like the tabby coat: the coat that has been inherited from the wildcat ancestor. You can feel that ancestor in the video.

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Video: Tabby in Long Grass — 11 Comments

    • Thank you Rose. This is a lovely cat. She has just this minute come in for her supper 😉 I can’t help it. We like each other. She has African wildcat written all over her body.

  1. No it’s not in the least boring and the eerie sound the wind is making is almost musical.
    Cats are so clever the way they curl up, noses tucked in to keep warm.

  2. Michael I really like the video. Maybe because our Honey is a classic Tabby with white and her markings fascinate me :). I like the fact that she appears to be sheltered and cozy despite the howling wind that can be clearly heard.

    Sometimes simple is best and in this video you have it nailed 🙂

  3. Not boring, beautiful. It’s little moments like this that add so much to life. I love the way you can see her tabby stripes spread at each breath she takes.

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