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Video: Vet Deactivates A Cat — 5 Comments

  1. This is an old video which I have seen. Again – not funny – just done to entertain the crowds of d*ckhead humans out there looking for a cheap laugh.

  2. That is awful, it just renders the cat vulnerable to anything anyone wants to do to it, how irresponsible of that vet to demonstrate how easily a cat can be overpowered and then let it go out on the internet. It’s an invitation to abuse.

  3. This is horrible! A good vet talks to and strokes a cat to calm him down before attempting to examine him.
    What is wrong with the cat’s caretaker not to be the holding the cat him/herself, or a vet nurse if the cat is an in patient?
    I hope no idiots see this cruel idea and use it to render cats helpless long enough for them to abuse the cat.

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