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      • The “problems” in the cat world – abuse, abandonment and being feral or stray – seem to be bundled together in little Chester. He looks content here.

        • Thankfully he is young enough to tame even though he’s truly feral, but with all the abuse he’s suffered because the vets trip, washing and shaving and being forced to take medication, are all abuse in his mind, no wonder now he’s feeling better he doesn’t trust humans. He doesn’t know Marion pulled him through it all and will find him a wonderful home.
          I think he just needs time and patience and she will give him those along with love, when he allows her to.

  1. Marion says:
    Chester is refusing to come anywhere near humans now so afraid backward step into smaller socialisation pen is on the cards where it’s easier to catch him’

    It looks like his feral background is coming out more now he’s feeling better and of course he had the dreadful trauma with those yobs, Marion is having a hard time with this little one but you can be sure she will persevere until he trusts her.

    • At The Cat Network they have a very large cage and volunteers sit inside the cage with the ferals to aid in socialization. It works for some cats. They have a little tortie there who is still a spitfire despite having spent a considerable amount of time in that large cage with people.

    • Perhaps his increased confidence is a good sign of improved health. I guess the job now is to socialise him if he needs it, which appears to be the case.

  2. lol naughty Chester playing Marion up today and won’t let her handle him, just look at that indignant face lol

    • Chester is saying, as Monty often said to me, “I’m a baby kitten. I do what I want!” She wants to snuggle him, he wants none of it. I think he fears another bath. The clean up he endured was probably as traumatic as the original dunking, so he fears she will bathe him again. No way to explain he’s clean now and doesn’t need another bath.

      • Monty tolerated foot petting before he really warmed up to petting with hands or being held. He still prefers it. It started because my husband was too lazy to bend down to pet the cat, but really Monty liked it. He seems to like the scent exchange of feet on him. He rubs against our feet also. In bed he will ask for a foot to be brought out from under the covers so he can rub his little face against it. It sounds weird, but I wonder if Chester would be the same– would tolerate contact with feet before hands. Because feet can’t grab him and pick him up and feet do smell and it is all about scent exchange with cats. Maybe she needs to take off her shoe, open the cage from the top and stick her foot in there, let him sniff it, play with it and then (while holding onto something sturdy) she could try stroking him gently with her foot. Or maybe that’s just too weird. But Monty is also an ex feral and he absolutely loves being stroked with your foot and it has been a type of contact he consistently tolerates, even asks for, whereas hand petting or being held is not his favorite and is tolerated in brief amounts only. Of course, maybe no one wants to adopt a weird cat with a foot fetish. Good thing Monty has a home already with us.

    • Great. The more the better I think. It would be nice to know the person who saved Chester. He wants to remain anonymous. He did really well and deserves a big pat on the back.

      • Cats protection are thanking him privately. I know from his friend who is passing info back to him that he is very touched by all the support and feels very proud.

        • I am pleased you are in touch with him. Cats need people like him. It must have been quite tricky getting help for Chester as he was covered in oil and frightened etc.

    • Marion you looked lovely on TV!
      Chester looks so much better! You’ve performed one of your miracles by pulling him through 🙂

  3. Latest from Marion:
    ‘A thorough search was done around the area where Chester was rescued for his mum and any siblings, but no sign. I can tell Chester is a few generation feral and I think as the area was fields the mum will have took of with others and gone to ground. Least I hope so and that nothing happened to them Chester may have got separated from mum and that how they got him or she could even have been killed on the road as very busy nearby’

    So the first humans he met were those cruel yobs!
    Sky TV have been today to film him, Marion will send the link to the video for us when she has it.

    • i’m so glad this little fella is safe now, it makes my blood boil that there are people out there that think this sort of behaviour is ok. its sickening. at least he is in good and capable hands now and will never know that sort of torment again. well done marion for all you’re doing with and for him. i hope, when he finally gets to his new home they will keep us updated on poc as i’m sure everyone would like to keep hearing about him.

  4. Thanks so much for the update. I loved watching the videos.

    Don’t know (sorry for ignorance) if Wear Valley & Darlington CP normally post cat videos, or if this was a special case.

    But, going back to a post Michael wrote a while back, the videos do show the power of videos for cat rescue. I know Chester was a special case b/c of his history, but I’d find vids of any rescue cats playing with toys and whatever other entertaining things they do a quick way to my heart.

    • I think videos should be the default medium for showing people shelter cats on the internet. Photos come second. Videos are easy to make these days with mobile phones and the software is very easy too. The cats come alive, literally. Posting to YouTube is free and you can make a few quid with advertising.

  5. Thanks You for this Michael and thank you everyone for the kind wishes to Chester, he is still now keen on people and is most relaxed when he thinks we aren’t there but he is coming along nicely. Everyone who meets him cant believe how tiny he is they say he doesn’t look so tiny on his pics 🙂

    • Marion thats true he doesn’t look Tiny in his videos and photos. I do see what Michael means he does look like a Cornish Rex which is possible because I had a ‘Moggy’ mom who came into my care and after she had her kittens it was very clear to see that 2 of them had tight curly coats. A friend of the CPL coordinator took both of them and they are living happy ever after wearing little knitted jackets because she lives in a big Victorian house and they have naked little bellys 🙂

      I’m so pleased brave little Chester is on the mend he is so brave and its such a blessing he is safe in your wonderful care.

  6. Just had to watch these again. The fortitude of such a tiny lad to come through what he went through always amazes me, every single time.

    He looks like he’s playing just like a normal kitten.

    I hope the other kittens and cats do well in the wake of the interest for little Chester, every single one deserves a wonderful home, no matter what their story. Bless ’em.

    • Me too – hopefully others will be adopted in the wake of the publicity at CPWVD. What a huge relief that he seems to have made it past the danger zone and is better now and hopefully eating properly and with all that oil out of his system. Vats of oil shouldn’t be around and accessible like that anyway – it’s awful what happened to him. I really hope he can forget. I honestly think he should be kept far away from anybody under the age of about 20. I’m sure he will have a natural fear of 14 year old boys (or however old they are) and he shouldn’t ever have to feel that again. I think he should be adopted by people who don’t have any children. I guess the plan should be to try and make sure his fear of what happened isn’t triggered. He looks like a small lion all shaved like that. I wonder where his siblings are. He’s pretty young. Or his mum..

      • Marion will make sure he has the perfect home Marc, you can be sure of that.
        I’ve been thinking about his mother and his siblings too and wondering how those yobs came to have him, we can only hope they are safe from danger somewhere.

  7. It’s wonderful to see little Chester eating and playing, it always amazes me just how brave cats are!
    Hopefully more of the other many kittens needing homes might be lucky thanks to all the publicity about Chester.
    Thanks again for these PoC articles on him and for the very welcome donation to his vets bills too.

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