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Vintage Maine Coon and Persian Cat Pictures — 7 Comments

  1. All the Maine Cats have at least a bit of a ruff on them, otherwise it is hard to tell much of a difference. Haven’t the Turkish Angora been around for a long, long time? Wouldn’t it be prudent to think they have mixed into a lot of breeds in nearby countries. Perhaps even several trade-route countries as well. I have always assumed that.

  2. Breeders need to realise they can’t improve on Mother Nature!
    Cats are naturally beautiful and no one should try to adapt them and often cause them health problems by doing so.
    Why can’t everyone accept cats as they come, they are and always have been, perfect, claws and all.

  3. Hi Marc. Thank you for your kind remarks.
    “”The origins if the Turkish Angora””.
    That is very simple. Despite the claims that it is confined only to Ankara and environs, DNA research shows they are to be found in a very pure form all over Turkey and surrounding countries. I have several from Cyprus which test over 90% pure. They are the East Mediterranean group of cats, not just from Ankara. How could a genetically distinct breed of cat spontaneously appear in cats that are free-ranging and constantly breeding with cats from surrounding areas? This is just cat fancy nonsense. But the history of the cat fancy version of the “Turkish non-Angora” is much more murky and worthy of a who-dunnit novel by Agatha Christy. Like all illegal enterprises it’s success relies heavily on a ready supply of gullible victims and believers as well as accomplices in the cat associations and the “scientific” community. Many golden opportunities were thrown away by researchers at UC Davis. They could have looked for trace markers of the Persian cat’s ancient ancestors, but were more concerned with what made up the cat fancy Persian. There was mention of 4 cats of an unknown type or breed. But they were dismissed as “Probably from Cyprus”. My God! Any researcher worth his salt would have given his right arm to discover a previously unknown cat I don’t understand those people at UC Davis. And we are supposed to respect them as some kind of scientific elite.

  4. I wish there were more people writing about the strange discrepancies that figure under the term ‘breed’ and how that has evolved. I know Harvey Harrison is very good at this and really understands it well and expresses it well. I do hope he and his associates write a book about the origins of the Turkish Angora cats in the light of what they are defined to supposedly be today.

    This question is ongoing and lasts through all breeds I am sure. Where did they come from and what are they and what ‘could’ or maybe ‘should’ they infact be. I love Harvey’s website. It’s very frank and well researched. This article brings up the same issues – what little difference between the 2 ‘breeds’ in the past. Cats were much more alike. It’s become a story of differentiation at all cost now.

    I like these articles.

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