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Walter And Jozef Go To See The Vet — 21 Comments

  1. Poor Walter and Jozef! But at least boys you know that your mammies have your best interests at heart as much as you hate the vets. Better that than ending up with an abscess! You wouldn’t want that would you? and you now know that a lovely lady vet has joined the practice who isn’t going to suggest all sorts of ridiculous tests to make you even more stressed no she is definitely like your mammies only thinking of you.

    Now enjoy your mice and biscuits and leave the fighting for the younger cats you need to be leaving some of your 9 lives intact!

  2. Thanks Dorothy, it’s nice to hear from someone who has one of those carriers and finds it good. We had never seen them before our vets started selling them, they come in all colours too.
    I’m sure a familiar hand in the trapdoor will comfort a cat travelling (that’s if 2 of us can go of course) and in the vet’s waiting room.
    Just had a funny image in my mind of sitting on a chair, a carrier on each side and a hand in each one, waiting our turn and getting my hands stuck lol lol
    I had to laugh about Bigfoot half in and half out lol What about Marvin? Do tell us!

  3. The boyz will love the carrier with the trap door. When I take Bigfoot to the vet in his carrier like the one you describe, I always have one hand on him through the trap. I think it has made the whole vet thing much easier on him. The vet lets him stay half in the carrier and half out when he is not being examined. That too makes him more comfy. He now will just lay there and wait his fate and every once in a while let out a peep ” are we done yet?”

    Then there is Marvin. Oh dear.

  4. Try keeping me in Leanne! Our lad and me have got the mammies well trained, they know if they don’t obey our every wish we can kick up such a fuss they will be very sorry.
    Furby I don’t know how you cope with being a celebrity!
    Right I’m off this computer now to jog 2 laps round the garden, then I might get my tea!

    • Oh its easy. I’ve fell on my head enough times that not much bothers me anymore. Except sudden noises. I jump straight up in the air anytime I hear one. Of course I’m usually up to no good and afraid I’m about to be caught…

  5. i was only joking of course saying you were cruel. i know walter and jozef’s health and safety come first. sounds like walter’s new cotton reel game might just take care of a couple of pounds along with his new food. is he allowed outside straight away or does he have to be on inside ‘rest’ for a little while? you two have had a week of it hav’nt you. is this what happens during a ‘holiday’? traumatised cant begin to cover it!! lol

  6. I say excuse me folks but can’t a chap have a bit of privacy about his medical details.
    I don’t know, as if it wasn’t bad enough with my kid brother seeing all that vet was doing to me and that I’m too fat, now I find it’s got written about.
    He wouldn’t like it if I told about him having to be dragged out of his basket on his cover he was sat on but then going all soppy when he was in the arms of that lady vet.
    OK so they had to take my carrier to bits to get me out and yes I succumbed to the vets charms too even though she had me doing aerobics trying to find any bits that hurt.
    Well the mammies didn’t tell about our car now only baving 2 doors and Babz driving and Ruth had to undignifiedly grunting and moaning get into the back seat between us two in our prison boxes cos she couldn’t get us both on her knee in the front and how our Jo yelled at the top of his voice all the way.
    Now there’s talk of getting new carriers with spy holes in the top supposedly to put hands in to comfort us, huh, the mammies know just what they can do with them things if they do get them.

    • If you guys think you have it bad just go look at me with a box stuck on my head https://www.facebook.com/furbyshouse. I thought mama was coming over to help because I heard clomp clomp clomp but she just HAD to take a few pictures of it first and post them to MY page.

      I hope the vet didn’t “violate” you with a temp and worm check. They did that to me last time and there I sat shaking while mama told me everything was gonna be all right. Well mama wasn’t sitting on a cold table with a thermometer stuck up her bum.

      Oh the indignity we cats go thru for our hoomans!

    • By the way – if you have holes in the top and you open them you would be suprised what a small hole they can squeeze out of so I suggest you do that with great caution. I’ve done it before and had to push half a cat back in through the hole rather hard – it was not nice at all.

  7. Yes Michael, we always feel like celebrating too when the trip is over. When we only have to take one of our boyz the other one has a good sniff of the basket when we are home, it was funny to see them sniffing each others the other day.
    Oh no Elisa, poor Furby lol the boyz say thanks for their hugs.
    Thanks Dan for all your good advice, I think Walt has put a bit of weight on as we had such a wet summer here last year in N E England and then winter started early with a lot of snow, so he hasn’t been out as much. Jo is half feral and a more sturdy annual!
    They have a wooden ‘catnasium’ in the garden with four levels to the wash house roof, for outdoor exercise, then they can sun bathe on the roof. We have a toy box full of all sorts to play with and scratching posts and pads around yes we have a wand and play every day with Walt but he has a very short attention span. Well Babz has invented a new game already for him, an empty cotton reel on a length of string to run and drag so he chases it, he loves playing that.
    He only has to lose 2lb, so ounce by ounce, a bit less food, a bit more exercise and hopefully it won’t take too much doing to get him there.
    Yes Leanne we are such cruel mammies lol but I think we were more traumatised than those two cats.
    We did buy a wind up mouse a while ago but Walt was frightened of it lol I think it probably ended up in some bags of stuff we brought up Kays Hill on one of our visits.
    Both cats love the senior James Wellbeloved biscuits, turkey and rice it is, Kathryn thought that would help Walt lose some weight.
    Onwards and upwards …………….

  8. I would have been alot more nervous than the cats I think. Sounds like they dealt with it really well. Is Walt back to walking normally? That sounds like the only unclear part of the visit that I would be worrying about upon return. His knee is a bit swollen? I guess when the shot eventually wears off and he is walking normally then you can relax.

    As for the diet – with cats who already have outside time I wouldn’t know how to do it other than to reduce the food a tiny bit. I guess it’s because they are a bit older? I’ve never had an outdoor cat over eat but I have never had an outdoor cat over the age of about 6 or 7 years old.

    • Hi Marc, yes Walt is back to normal thanks, whether he would have been without the steroid we don’t know, but a one off injection doesn’t hold much danger of side effects so it was as well we took him.
      Yes talk about traumatised, Babz has a week’s holiday this week and it’s been a right old week, our internet went down 2 days, then we had the vets trip and we are on decorating the staircase as it rained in 13 foot up and then today the outside of the strip light in the bathroom fell off and shattered, narrowly missing me…..
      lol we are exhausted but the cats are better, so we are happy.

  9. poor walter and jozef, what an awful life they have. you and babz are so cruel, taking them off to the vet like that, never mind telling them it was for their own good, i bet they did’nt buy that line!!! lol pleased the boys are feeling better (as you will be too, ordeal over)would walter chase a wind up mouse? just thinking, once his knee is up to it he might have fun chasing it and even maybe lose a little bit of weight too, i might join him if it works!! i bet a nice cup of tea was in order when you got back from the vet (for you and babz too!!)speak soon.

    • You know what I think. Ruth and Babz didn’t hesitate to take Walter and Jozef to the vet. That is really excellent work because a lot of people delay going to the vet. Well done Babz and Ruth. We wouldn’t expect anything different though.

      • Thanks Michael, we don’t dash off for every little thing immediately because sometimes the trauma of going outweighs the good it will do, sometimes little things right themselves.
        It was the pus on Jo’s head decided it, we probably would have kept a close eye on Walt a bit longer but as we were going anyway we took him too.
        Kathryn took a while to examine him and said ‘maybe’ his knee was swollen, as she couldn’t find any other reason. It may have just been a bit jarred but anyway he’s fine now.
        They both are.

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  11. It’s funny, I’ve been pondering over an idea that deals with Walter’s weight issue. The key to is to introduce extra activity. This can be tough with older cats. They may not have the stamina to do a 30 minute workout some American cat experts are pushing — although they make total sense for more able cats. As I sat here in my spot looking out the beautiful bay window I saw an older fellow that walks his older dog. They are slow, but they get the job down. That’s when it hit me. We all need exercise these days. Why not kill two birds with one stone.

    Walking a cat is something of a novelty, but cat expert Jackson Galaxy has proven it is a safe and effective way to get your cat the extra exercise they need. They are not like walking a dog. They want to check out different areas and honestly require a longer leash. I think one of those retractable type would be best. They are all about ritual. Discover the ritual and they will figure your route out for you.

    I will give you the few other things I have picked up dealing with overweight Maine Coons. They LOVE to eat. You have to tapper off on the food a little at a time. The weight won’t begin to fall off on some cats until they hit the correct feeding amount… and it may not be anywhere near what they want. Instead of treats, try a kibble as a reward (very tough on us, I know how we love to give our treats). Also, plenty of cool, clean water. I’m afraid there is no easy way to deal with the cries Walter will make when you refuse him the food he thinks he needs. I do not envy you.

    Finally, when he is down to fighting weight, add some playtime with toys. Hunt, pounce, and eat behavior is instinctive in all cats. Use a wand type toy (the kind with a string and some toy on the end) for the hunt. Make it last as long as he can stand it. Once he gets the toy, let him chew on it for a bit and than feed him dinner. He will eat and go right to sleep. His sleep will be restorative and he will look forward to the games because food is on the line. But be very careful. If he starts to over exert himself, stop!

    Good luck.

  12. I would LOVE to have seen the look on the face of the 2nd cat caught for the visit. Probably thought he was safe since one cat was already in the carrier.

    Poor Walter…and you’re right about the raw diet. There are a lot of problems of getting a cat to turn into a raw eater. Finicky eaters all over the world with that.

    Give the boyz a hug and tell them Furby rolled off of the tv again. Then he looked at me like I was responsible.

    • About the raw diet, I sense that it is the best form of diet but there are risks in preparation etc. and perhaps cats are just too domesticated this days. They are used to manufactured food and human treats. 9,500 years of domestication did that.

  13. You were brave to take both at the same time. Cats can sense when a cat carrier is coming down for some nasty purpose. I am pleased you have a nice vet. It makes all the difference; smooths the process and makes it more manageable.

    Cats can go limp at the vets. It is because they become very submissive through fear. They have no where to hide so give in to superior forces. They sweat through their paws too leaving wet paw prints on the table.

    Charlie does all this and shivers with fear. When it is over I feel like celebrating!

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