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War Against Feral Cats Part 5 — 8 Comments

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  2. Yes I was pleased to see this and thought you might do another article Michael because as you said this is very important about cats in general.

  3. Interesting update pointed out by Dorothy. Ted Williams is in trouble with a lot of people including the Audobon Society.

    His remark that Tylenol can used as a feral cat poision has caused a lot of backlash and rightly so. It must be a crime or an incitement to do a criminal act.

    You can read about the problems stacked up against Mr Williams on this website:


    I might do a follow up post on this.

  4. Yes this is a very important article Michael!
    It seems that cat haters in the USA are becoming more desperate than ever to blame feral cats for anything they can think up, in the hopes it will get people on side to have them eradicated.
    Have they nothing better to do with their time and energy?
    TNR works, we have proved that here in England, feral colonies neutered can’t breed any more and they die out in time.
    If ferals were killed it wouldn’t be long before a new colony started up, so how much more sensible to work with these poor cats rather than against them, neuter them and let them live out their lives in peace.
    What is wrong with some people that they are so cruel and bitter and think cats have no right to their lives?
    People created this problem and people are to blame, not the cats!
    Education about cat welfare is sorely lacking in the USA and I’m sorry for the people there who struggle against the odds to make their country a better place for animals.

  5. This post is important because it really is about cats in general and how we relate to them.

    In a better world there wouldn’t be feral cats. They are the “waste” product of humankind’s irresponsibility.

    This is the most important topic in the cat world.

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