What Breed is My Smokey Rescue Cat?

By Amberlee Berry

I work for a local animal rescue group. Years back, some kittens were found at a church in a carrier. They were all very sick with the feline herpes virus, horrible infections in their eyes.

Two of the kittens were the most beautiful solid gray color. The third was a smoke with stripes. I thought that little smoke kitten was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. I ended up adopting him. As he began to mature……I knew he wasn’t the average house cat.

His build is different. His personality is different. His coat appears to be gray, but in proper light, it is actually brown?

One night I saw on the news that police had busted a “kitty mill”, which happened to be fairly close to where my cat was found. The breeder was breeding many different breeds of cats. That is when I first heard of the breed Savannahs. I don’t believe my cat is a savannah, but maybe a mix???

I would love to hear what others think. I am most crazy about this cat of mine! He is my constant gorgeous companion, always ready for play. I am so Thankful that I adopted him. I can’t imagine my life with out him. (in the one photo are two of my cats together, so you can see his size)

Note from Michael: Photos to follow, hopefully!


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  1. Hi Amberlee. Thanks for visiting and asking. Unfortunately the pictures did not upload. No problem. You can upload to a comment.

    Just use the comment box below and follow the instructions below the comment box.

    I will then comment on your post.


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