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What I Learned From Online Bereavement Support Groups — 5 Comments

  1. I only had Red for a year and losing him was awful. I can’t imagine how it is for those who lose a pet after many years. It’s hard not to wonder what would have happened if Red hadn’t passed. He was so young and full of beans. I
    m sure he’d be running around happily outside as I type this because the weather just got a bit warmer. I am really not over his death at all. In fact I went to see a therapist about it last week. I am having a real problem coming to terms with the fact that winter is over and summer is coming and there will be warm weather. I’m quite scared of this. When I talked to the therapist it became very clear that I really had not gotten over it at all and actually alot of things were just frozen for me since it happened. I still haven’t opened the shutters to the balcony and where Red and Lilly used to go in and out. This is the area I plan to enclose so my cats can spend a bit of time outside in the small are which is my balcony. But since the last day of last June the shutters have been closed. I forgot what is on my balcony. It’s sort of frozen in time out there since Red died.

    Dreyfuss sounds like he was a wonderful dog to spend time with and one who loved cats. A perfect sounding dog.

  2. I’d really never thought about how a child might think they were responsible for a pets death or that the parent was responsible. I remember the old movie What Dreams May Come where the kids blamed the parents for euthanizing their dog.

    Don’t feel bad Michael. I still feel guilty over sending Tom up for adoption. I tried to get him back three days later and was told he had a rescue. Then I got word he’d gotten sick and had to be euthanized. I’ll blame myself forever for his death.

    At least there was no guilt with Dreyfuss. But I want my dog back. Life will never be the same without him.

  3. The first time I went through cat passing bereavement, I did it alone, and there was lots of tears, guilt, sadness and more.

    It was 1994, before I had really got involved with the internet.

    The second time the beautiful PoC regulars helped me through it. Things were easier. So, I agree that we need people to help us. Or put it this way, good friends make the healing quicker.

    I have said it before many times: I have not got over the loss of my first cat. I know I never will. I was so damn stupid. Too much guilt and sadness.

    • Michael I’m so sorry to hear you still feel this way please don’t beat yourself up I’m sure your 1st beautiful cat never did and never will blame you. All you’ve done for cats over the years makes up for any wrong you felt you did millions of times over you do so much good for cats 🙂

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