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What Is Good About PETA? — 6 Comments

  1. I do not have much time for PETA but in this instance I agree with their promotion of vegetarianism in order to stop cruelty to animals.
    What would happen to the cattle and poultry if every human converted to vegeterianism someone queries?
    They wouldn’t be born of course because they are specifically bred for their meat. Would they choose not to be born or to be born, often abused in their short life and then killed cruelly and horribly as most are?
    Flesh eaters use the same old excuses to justify their lust to consume dead animals.
    Maybe it is a habit but habits can be broken very easily, simply spend a day at a slaughter house which has no CCTV.

  2. Thank you for this informative article. You point out many things that are either misunderstood about the organization or outright untruths spread by those who are threatented by its existence. To supplement your comment regarding feral cats, here is more information (important to note that PETA’s bottom line is: “PETA’s position has never been that all feral cats should be euthanized. We believe that trap, vaccinate, spay/neuter, and release programs are acceptable when the cats are isolated from roads, people, and other animals who could harm them; regularly attended to by people who not only feed them but care for their medical needs; and situated in an area where they do not have access to wildlife and where the weather is temperate”). This was a great read, thanks again.

  3. Hello Michael.Addicted to your website, a cat pet addict, and was surprised to find it missing in my mailing list.Thanks for the prompt reply to my e-mail and reactivating my mailing address.
    Personally i do not agree with the “VEGETARIANISM” ideology being propagated by “P.E.T.A” for preventing animal cruelty. In the animal kingdom, the existence of Carnivores and Herbivores is a natural creation and is irreversible unless all the carnivores become extinct! A tiger , lion or the house cat can never ever be fed a complete vegetarian diet in captivity and its only we humans that can change our eating habits and convert from “Non-vegetarianism” to “Vegetarianism”.In the natural wild, a balance of nature is created between herbivores and carnivores, ultimately we humans upsetting the balance, being the ultimate rulers of the animal Kingdom. If everyone converted to Vegetarianism then there would be starvation on planet earth due to lack of Vegetarian food, the same consumed in excess of the total production.Carnivores help in maintaining the balance of nature and also the food production on planet Earth. What would happen to all the cattle and poultry if not slaughtered for human food consumption?This is the simple reason of me never joining “P.E.T.A” as i am a confirmed “Non-Vegetarian”.

    • I tend to agree with you Rudolph. I have been criticised for not being vegetarian. But I think you can be a very good advocate for animal welfare and eat meat from time to time. I eat chicken sometimes and some fish. It is a habit.

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