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What Should The Maine Coon Look Like? — 8 Comments

  1. I agree with Marc 100%. I couldn’t of said it better myself. I feel this was a very successful presentation. I had a feeling you’d put Prezzi to good use. I’m glad I could help. 🙂

    • Thanks Dan. Because of what you guys say I’ll try another one. If anyone has a subject they’d like to present just tell me in a comment. It has gotta be about cats though 🙂 Or at least have a slight connection with cats.

  2. That worked brilliantly on the technical front and I thought it was a much more palletable lesson on the actual breed standard of Maine Coons, as described by the Cat Fancy.

    Photos of cats with backdrops are wonderful because you can really see the cats well. However when you get a history lesson on a cat like the Maine Coon it is really nice to see some photos of them outside in their element. Perhaps on a farm in Maine for example. I like the photo of the cat in the snow in the youtube movie.

    The slideshow is nice and refreshing and interesting. What I find truly fantastic about it is that you can include a movie as just another element the slideshow. But its much better than a slideshow. You have an overview which is visual. You can see the whole story at the start. You can navigate withing the cluster. Its no longer the simple sequence of a forward backward slideshow. From a presentation point of view its also really cool. But I like it for the control the viewer has and the size/zoom effect which allows you to see all the frames.

    This is a novel way to include both images, video and audio into one single medium.

    • Sounds as if you approve of it 😉 Thanks Marc. I think it does work pretty well. I think also the dynamic way of viewing dry information makes it more interesting and the pictures help too. I am pleased. I had to learn that software (tiresome) but it was pretty easy because all software like this is similar.

  3. WOW. You were a quick study on Prezi. I like the presentation, though I got dizzy at first. Very nice though after I got used to it. Nice to have the video in the slide show as well. I say it is a keeper, don’t you?

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