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What Should We Teach Children About Cat Ownership? — 2 Comments

  1. Very good article Michael and I agree with you that children should be taught about cat ‘ownership’ and that cats are not possessions or toys to use then cast aside, they are living feeling beings.
    The problem is that quite a lot of adults are ignorant about cats behaviour and needs, we only have to think of declawing cats in the USA and Canada to know that.
    Having the family cat declawed gives a totally wrong message to children, they should intead learn to respect cats claws as a beautiful and essential part of their pet.
    Yes I think animal care should be taught in schools and then maybe the children will pass on what they learned, to their parents, but anyway will grow up much more educated and hopefully at the very least more understanding of their pets than their parents are.

  2. May I add a comment on Iams and Eukanuba? Do not support them by buying their catfood, as they test on cats and other animals, inhumanely, I have read. Please back me up on this, or inform me otherwise…

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