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What Was Your Scariest Cat Experience EVER? — 10 Comments

  1. I can’t go fishing in my ex’s old fishing spots. We fished every week until he became too sick to go. I haven’t fished at all since he died.

  2. That’s ok, Marc. I still haven’t went to see a play at American Players Theater since I was there with my late husband on our honeymoon. I used to love that place and I’d see several plays a season. The theater is outside, and you hike up this trail in the woods to get to it. But a part of me feels that he and I are still there, and if I go there again I’ll disturb that and then we won’t be there anymore. So I stay away, because even though I am happily remarried, I just can’t destroy that memory of my younger self with Danny in that place by creating new memories in that same place. I talk about going again, but I don’t think I ever will. We weren’t created to die. It’s not supposed to be this way. Sometimes a loss is just too much for you to ever be completely normal again. My husband understands. He’s a good man. I don’t think he much wants to hike up a hill to sit in the woods and see a play anyway.

  3. Wow these are all frightening. In Canada I had a few scares of my cat not coming home and once she was poisoned by something and I rushed her to the emergency vet. Apart from that I suppose the day I went out looking for Red because I had a feeling he should have at least come in to say hi. When I first saw him it was totally surreal – I’m not sure exactly if that is fear, ‘scary’ – it’s not something I have ever experienced before. I still haven’t walked along that bit of road and I still walk home the slightly longer way because I can’t bring myself to walk home the way I use to when he was alive. I will have to eventually do it. The other day my ex was staying over and we went to the late night store and literally walked around 3 sides of a block instead of walkin the one side to get to the same point. It all comes from fear of having to relive that moment and the feeling when I first discovered him.

  4. My scariest experience was the day Monty tried to eat a bee and got stung on his tongue by a giant bumblebee. The vet suggested Benadryl, so I put half a tablet in some food, but Monty choked on the food. He ran under the couch. I was able to get him to come out and as I picked him up his tongue was hanging out of his mouth, his little body was stiff and he wasn’t getting any air. I felt so helpless. But then he was able to breathe again somehow. I threw him in his new carrier and called the vet on the way. Monty was very good for the vet when he could barely breathe, allowing the vet to give him two injections without so much as a peep. Four hours later when the vet decided it was safe to release him, Monty was back to his old self, snarling and growling at the vet. The vet said that Monty was like a different cat once he felt better. That’s when I knew he was going to be ok.
    I had another scary experience with Mutsy in about 1987 or ’88. I gave her a little of my pizza and she choked on it. She was sitting on my bed in front of me (I was eating pizza sitting in bed, watching tv) and she started pawing at her throat, not making any sound. I knew she wasn’t getting any air so I grabbed her little tummy just below her ribs and gave a quick hard squeeze. The pizza shot out of her mouth and she was fine. I didn’t actually have time to be scared. It was much worse with Monty, because there was no quick fix that was going to get him breathing again and even though the vet is just a few blocks away, I didn’t know if it would be close enough. Monty hates the cold snow out there, but I like it because there aren’t any bees for him to tangle with.

    • The Monty story is tense! I get tense reading it.

      Now more important matters. How often do you sit in bed eating pizza and watching telly? Hedonistic.

      I like to suck on Swiss herbal sugar free sweets when I write these comments in the late evening in bed. It makes it easier 😉

      • I think it was pretty late at night and I was eating something before turning in after working my shift in the kitchen at the local nursing home. That was back in the day when I could eat pizza right before bed and not gain any weight.

  5. This is quite a painful post for me. Two scary cat experiences come to mind.

    When I came home from work (1994) and my darling cat was not there. I can’t write anymore about that and…

    When Binnie was dying of kidney failure she spent hours, days outside on the lawn (it was a warm summer). One day I spotted her sleeping over a drain on the driveway to the block of apartments I live in. The drain was bang in the middle of the drive at the entrance to the complex. She was old, ill, tired and asleep. She could easily have been killed by a car or lorry entering the complex.

    I went out and went around her towards the entrance to approach her from the entrance side in case she ran towards the road. I approached carefully and spoke gently at the same time. She stayed put.

    I picked her up and brought her inside. Shortly after I kept her in and shortly after that she was put to sleep. Miss her.

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